7 Video Game Merchandise Brands We Wish Were Real

The worlds of Mario, Portal, and The Sims are full of useful goods that fans would love to get their hands on.

A good product makes life easier. From helping with daily routines to providing respite from everyday stress, there are thousands of products out there that help people with all kinds of tasks. But video games are full of products that would be fantastic to have in the real world.

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These products have truly revolutionary properties like great tastes, cute designs, and amazing utility. If these products were real, gamers everywhere would have more time to play video games and a lot less money to buy them.

seven Fallout’s Nuka Cola Is So Good It’s Nuclear

nuka cola fallout

The consequences Nuka Cola contains 120% of an American’s daily sugar intake, so it’s incredibly tasty. With over 17 different fruit essences, Nuka-Cola has a taste that will leave even Coca-Cola and Pepsi in its dust. Each bottle drunk is also a long-term investment, as the bottle caps eventually become the sole currency of the Wasteland. If the lone Vault dwellers run into low health, each bottle of Nuka-Cola can heal 20 HP at the cost of 5 Radiation. Don’t get too addicted, as this radiation and sugar will cause headaches if eaten too often. But for a soda this delicious, a little radiation is worth it.

6 Resident Evil 7’s first aid medicine is an instant cure

re7 first aid medicine

A recurring joke in Resident Evil 7 and 8 This is how Ethan Winters can continually lose and reattach all of his limbs. Ethan has been dismembered so many times it’s a shock he keeps moving. His solution is simple: Resident Evil’s stellar first aid medicine.

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This simple, homemade liquid made from natural-looking organic herbs will trigger “spontaneous cell regeneration” and make every eaten, dismembered, or burned leg regrow like new. Think of how simple life would be if people simply had to pour a clear liquid over themselves to heal mortal wounds.

5 Laganaphyllis Simnovorii, The Sims Cow

sims 4 cowplant

What does every garden need? Flowers? Butterflies ? A place to sit? No, they just need a killer cow plant. This plant is not only adorable but also carnivorous. So if sims players have an annoying guest, they have the perfect plan to solve the problem quickly and quietly.

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Additionally, a Cowplant can be milked to produce a drink called “The Essence of Life” which will keep the drinker alive for several additional days beyond their normal lifespan. Of course, it’s morbid to feed friends and family to a killer cow. But look at the cow, she’s so cute! It’s hard to resist this adorable creature, however dubious it may be.

4 Portal’s Sentry turrets are the best when it comes to home security

portal turret

Forget Ring Doorbells, German Shepherds, and ADT Home Security, Sentinel Turrets are the next step in protecting expensive gamer PC units. With simple, out-of-the-box setup, Portal’s The turrets have all the firepower needed to ward off criminals and unwanted visitors. Not only are sentry turrets excellent for constantly dealing with mischief-makers, they are also great conversation partners. Some users have even reported their ability to play classical opera. Move over Alexa, Sentry Turrets are all a gamer needs for a happy and protected home.

3 Every piece of furniture is amazing in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Ikea is great. It’s big, it has Swedish meatballs, and they sell beautiful furniture with confusing manuals. But what gamers really need is an IKEA filled with nothing but Animal Crossing: New Horizons furniture. What’s better than having the option of making the players’ fictional island home in real life?

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An entire warehouse could be filled to the brim with animal crossing furniture. It’s time to demand a cute decoration to spend bells in real life. With the new Good family paradise expansion, the furniture and design possibilities are endless.

2 Take street racing to a new level with all the karts in Mario Kart

Mario Kart 8 characters engaged in a tight race

It’s every kid’s dream to drive a race car, but it’s every gamer’s dream to drive a kart from Mario Kart. Karts would be a multi-million dollar industry, especially considering each character in the mario universe has several different types. They even come in a wide variety of stylish colors, shapes, and designs.

Whether players want a speed-focused vehicle or one that offers good cornering traction, there’s a go-kart setup for everyone. And these karts are street legal because tracks like Moonview Highway take place on real roads. The bigger question is how many coin blocks players will need to smash to afford one of these sleek racers.

1 BioShock Plasmids Could Grant Superpowers!

waiter in bioshock lighting a cigarette with his hands

BioShock’s Plasmids are powered by engineered stem cells. With quick and easy injection, Plasmids provide access to a variety of superpowers – including hypnosis, incineration, and electrical conduction. It’s every comic lover’s dream come true. Sure, Plasmids caused a civil war and hundreds of users went crazy over the overuse of ADAM, but a little madness never hurt anyone when real firepower is at stake. .

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