Betr Remedies, a Walmart exclusive, hits shelves

Betr Remedies, a Over-the-counter drug brand exclusive to Walmart co-founded by award-winning actress Ellen Pompeo, has expanded its business footprint. Previously available online, the range of 15 items on pain relief, allergies, digestive issues and more is now available in 2,000 Walmart stores nationwide and can be found in stylish, simple and colorful packaging. .

The company was founded by Pompeo, best known for playing Dr. Meredith Gray in “Grey’s Anatomy.” The expansion of Betr Remedies follows the announcement that the popular TV show has been renewed for a 19th season.

“Jen Hoffman, Livio Bisterzo and I co-founded Betr Remedies on the idea that quality health care is a right everyone deserves to have access to,” Pompeo said, “With Betr Remedies, we exist to serve everyone, we are therefore delighted to partner with Walmart and be available to millions of their consumers across the country, giving them the chance to make a difference through their purchasing power.”

Made in the USA, Betr Remedies contains FDA cleared ingredients and uses a “buy one, give one” model to limit drug waste. For every Betr Remedies product sold, the rebate program run by SIRUM, a national nonprofit organization that helps healthcare organizations donate unused medications, helps redistribute safe, unexpired medications through select charity pharmacies in underserved communities across the country.

When the product launched online, Betr Remedies pledged to donate 25 million medicines to help patients across the country and provide more than $1 billion worth of medicines by 2025 with SIRUM.

“As we continue to improve our over-the-counter offerings, we are excited to partner with Betr Remedies as our premier retail partner and to offer Betr Remedies products exclusively in our stores and online, allowing customers easier to get the products they need on their weekly errands,” says Maya Bowie, vice president of wellness merchandising at Walmart. “Both Betr Remedies and Walmart are focused on improving the equity and access to health care in America. Our scale, combined with the Betr Remedies brand focus, will help make a positive impact.”

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