Biden, Democrats’ one-party COVID prescription harming Americans


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Now in its second year, the Biden administration, along with congressional Democrats, is still prescribing the wrong medicine to cure the economy during COVID. Despite the narrowest majorities in the House and Senate, Democrats insist on governing under one-party rule. It is a political mistake.

Americans want common sense solutions and real results, not majority party political power games. The one-party rule of the Democrats in Washington has blinded them to a fundamental truth: Pandemics are not partisan.

As leader of the House Ways and Means Committee, I have witnessed firsthand how the White House and its congressional allies have consistently misdiagnosed the issues affecting our economy and chosen partisanship over progress. . As a result, American families continue to suffer the effects of soaring inflation, stagnant wage growth, and an economy that no longer works for them.


Throughout his campaign, President Biden has promised to use his many years of experience in Washington to bring the country together with a renewed focus to attack the pandemic. Yet those optimistic assurances — and Biden’s campaign pledges — were quickly dismissed and replaced with an all-partisan platform.

Shortly after his inauguration, the progressive left took over the reins of Congress. Led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-California, and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, DN.Y., Democrats used a budget process known as “reconciliation” to pass a massive, partisan package of $1.9 trillion in so-called “economic aid” with no Republican contributions or support.

Yet despite being advertised as a “COVID relief package”, less than 9% of the funding went directly to fighting the virus. The rest indulged in progressive priorities that dramatically increased wasteful spending and fueled a spike in inflation we hadn’t seen in 40 years.

This reckless and liberal spending spree was the direct result of one-party politics. And it is the American people who are paying the price as soaring food, housing and energy prices eat away at their hard-earned paychecks.

The one-party regime has not solved this pandemic and made our country better.

Unfortunately, the president’s partisan approach did not stop with this spending spree. Instead, Democrats decided to double down and push through another all-partisan bill that would impose crippling tax increases and even more spending in what they ironically called the Build Back Better plan. .

Again, Democrats had the opportunity to work with Republicans to find common-sense solutions, but they chose the partisan route instead. For example, during the work of our Ways and Means Committee, Republicans proposed amendments that would divert taxpayers’ money from wasteful spending toward coronavirus testing, rural health care, and protecting the elderly. But the Democrats refused. They chose to prioritize the party over public health.

The so-called Build Back Better plan passed the House last fall on another party-line vote and has — at least for now — stalled in the Senate. And for good reason. This measure contains approximately $2 trillion in job-killing tax increases for individuals and small businesses. It launches even more spending that will only exacerbate the historic inflation that plagues the American people and further increase the deficit.


The Democrats’ bill also does nothing to promote long-term economic growth. Its main focus is on the demand side of the economy, putting short-term money into people’s pockets through a variety of government spending programs. This imbalance – short-term stimulation on the demand side without attention to supply – is another reason why inflation is now burning hot. As a result, a recent report from a nonpartisan group at the University of Pennsylvania found that American families spent $3,500 more on average in 2021 than in 2020.

Democrats have also had a chance to work with Republicans to find common-sense solutions to the rising cost of prescription drugs for seniors by capping their out-of-pocket spending. I know from my position on the ways and means committee that such a solution was possible. Instead, Democrats have gone their own way, again pursuing partisan policies that impose federal price controls, potentially limiting access to life-saving medical innovations and new cures.

Promoting greater savings and security for retirement was another missed opportunity to explore new ideas. Last year, the Ways and Means Committee passed major retirement security legislation that accomplished this in a unanimous, bipartisan vote. But once again, Speaker Pelosi has decided to ignore our efforts and address retirement provisions as a partisan issue in the House Build Back Better bill.


The American people are rightly weary and frustrated with COVID, but they are also rapidly losing patience with Democratic politicians promoting partisan power over common sense solutions. A year into the Biden presidency, Democrats have missed many opportunities to bring the country together to fight the virus and grow the economy.

The one-party regime has not solved this pandemic and made our country better. The President and the Democrats have dramatically missed the mark on the challenges we face and what is needed to heal the nation. Unfortunately for all of us, they don’t understand that pandemics aren’t partisan.


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