Combination products of prescription medicine and digital therapy: the new treatment for hypertension?

Closed Loop Medicine, a company that makes products that combine prescription medicine with digital therapy (DTx) to enable precise dosing and treatment, said today that the latest patient in a clinical study of its product from precision care incorporated is a possible answer for people with hypertension finished participating.

Digital drugs and therapeutic mixtures are manufactured by Closed Loop Medicine to improve patient health, support healthcare providers, and help healthcare systems shift towards value-based medicine by delivering personalized care at the Population.


The goal of the clinical study, called PERSONAL COVID BP, was to see if a combination product that links a drug to a smartphone app can help patients adapt and improve their hypertension treatment regimens. It was very important that the study used technology that allowed people who were protecting themselves against COVID-19 to report symptoms of COVID-19 infection and monitor their blood pressure from home, every day. The company quickly changed the way it would pursue studies during the COVID-19 quarantine, redesigning research to run from anywhere and developing new technologies, like the Clinical Trials Platform decentralized uMED.

The intervention arm of the study achieved its recruitment goal of 200 patients. Patients were given medication while using an app to monitor their blood pressure and possible side effects. The information from this research is used to help the company design a new product that will help people control their blood pressure at a population level. High blood pressure, which is the main killer in the western world, will be treated by the product. Even before COVID-19 vaccines were given in 2020, high blood pressure was killing more people than cancer and vaccines.

The findings of this research paper will be broadcast live in Washington, DC from April 2-4. If you want to read it online, it will also be in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology (JACC).

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