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2021 has been an exciting year for cannabis nationwide, but in Missouri, 2021 has been the first full year open for business for the state’s medical marijuana industry. With more opportunity and expansion, operators and brands are getting bigger than ever. In this spirit, Greenway has compiled a list of brands to watch for 2022. From local talent and design to overseas players looking to make a big impact, these are the brands to know about in 2022.

Kosmik Brands has become one of Oklahoma’s most popular edibles brands, and for good reason. With quality products, dosages suitable for all consumers and a genuinely fun and attractive brand image, Kosmik leaves an impression wherever it is.

The company brings a party atmosphere to the Missouri medical marijuana space by blending a wellness product and approach to wellness with a responsible and balanced approach to dosing. For patients and consumers in Missouri, the massive 100mg Black Hole gummies allow users with high tolerances or in need of severe relief to self-medicate without having to ingest an entire bar of chocolate or a bag of gummies. Although such high doses are not suitable for everyone, the company offers several offers suitable for each consumer.

Greenway recently spoke to Kosmik CMO Cari Carmona about what the brand has in store for the state of Missouri and what makes Kosmik unique in a crowded space.

Komet the astronaut has become an iconic part of Kosmik’s brand and identity | Kosmic

“Kosmik Brands landed on Earth in 2019 with a candy that defied gravity and transcended its competition. Since day one, we’ve remained committed to taste, texture, potency and quality, and since then we’ve led the industry in innovation and developing products that push the limits. limits, and we’re just getting started. Buckle up for takeoff.

“Our mission is in the name. We focus on taste, texture, potency and quality. »

Kosmic has been a visible brand for a few years in Oklahoma and is starting well in Missouri, what changes have you had to make to adapt to Missouri?

Coming to Missouri, we had to rethink our traditional fruit bags and came up with amazing designs that still reflect the same great taste of gummies. We believe edibles should take you on a journey beyond this planet, and Missourians have embraced our brand since day one of their arrival. Needless to say, our Kosmik team takes great pride in serving our Midwestern neighbors.

At 1000mg per bag and 100mg per piece, Black Hole Cannabis Gum offers consumers a powerfully flavorful delivery form | Kosmic

What values ​​or ideas Kosmic represent?

Above all, we represent medical patients who need clean alternative medicine. As pioneers of high-dose edibles, we’re thrilled to announce that Missouri will be the very first state to offer our Black Hole gum at 100mg per piece outside of Oklahoma.

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