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Free NHS prescriptions are one of the main cost exemptions for older people living in England. If someone is not exempt, they will have to pay the £9.35 article fee, which has been frozen for this year.

However, the current proposals examine whether the upper age exemption for prescription costs should be brought into line with the statutory retirement age.

This would mean a substantial change, raising the age of free prescription from its current level of 60 to 66 and increasing.

As a result, millions of people could miss out on free prescriptions overnight, depending on how and if the government decides to implement changes.

However, several people can already obtain free prescriptions.

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Registrants with disabilities and unable to walk out are also exempt, but must have a valid medical exemption.

Brits who have a specified medical condition with this exemption certificate can also get a free prescription.

Along the same lines, if a person has a prescription for their disability accepted under the War Pension Exemption Scheme, they do not have to pay.

NHS inpatients are also a group exempt from prescription fees.

Finally, people who obtain a valid NHS certificate for full healthcare cost assistance will not have to pay. This is known as HC2.

People over 60 may find that they belong to another exempt group and therefore will not have to pay the prescription fee.

However, if changes are made, some will have no choice but to take payment.

The NHS has directed Britons to an easy way to find out if they qualify for free prescriptions or help with healthcare costs.

Their eligibility checker, available online, will provide people with the clarity they need on this.

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