QHSLab expands its digital prescription product portfolio in 2022

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  • The company will bring additional digital clinical decision-making and point-of-care healthcare tools to market in the coming year.
  • A milestone includes the launch of the “Q-Scale”, a comprehensive mental health risk assessment that assesses a patient’s “quality of life”“, Targeting America’s Growing Mental Health Crisis.
  • Another strong point is the foreseen added management of musculoskeletal health (MSK) and chronic pain applicationaddressing a $130 billion market.

West Palm Beach, Fla., Feb. 16, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — USA Equities Corp (OTCQB: USAQ), a digital healthcare company focused on providing clinicians with tools to leverage proactive, value-based healthcare solutions through the use of digital technologies and emerging point-of-care, is proud to announce the all-new digital medicine and point-of-care clinical decision-making tools that will be brought to market throughout 2022. The company’s flagship product, QHSLab, is a clinical decision support system combining intelligent patient health risk assessments with care coordination recommendations based on medical guidelines for medical providers at the point of care and in non-face-to-face settings. face. QHSLab was designed to treat high-cost chronic and acuity conditions with low-cost interventions that reimburse busy primary care physicians.

The burden continues to fall heavily on these providers to manage acute conditions and chronic conditions – but chronic conditions require ongoing screening, care and treatment. Additionally, most patient complaints require behavioral and lifestyle adjustments to reduce health risks and improve quality of life. Therefore, QHSLab recommends the most up-to-date clinical guidelines to help healthcare providers individualize care for each patient based on clinical need.

“QHSLab is a cloud-based platform designed to improve physician efficiency and reduce healthcare costs, while playing an active role in making health risks more visible to physician and patient” , said Troy Grogan, president and CEO of USA Equities Corp. “We are delighted to have expanded our product portfolio and offer even more comprehensive services to physicians, thereby improving clinical outcomes for patients.” The following products have been developed over the past six months and published in the suite of health risk assessments available to physicians using the QHSLab platform.

With mental health issues at an all-time high, QHSLab launched the “Q scale,” a comprehensive mental health risk assessment that assesses a patient’s ‘quality of life’. High-risk patients are then flagged for further consultation and care. The NIH cites that nearly one in five adults struggle with a mental health issue, an addressable market of nearly 53 million Americans. QHSLab also publishes an assessment of pain and musculoskeletal health. Musculoskeletal health is at the forefront of preventing other conditions. This is a broad area of ​​interest for health technology investors because these conditions, once advanced, are expensive to treat. A study published in JAMA estimated the cost of treating musculoskeletal conditions at nearly $129.8 billion.

Other conditions doctors can now assess remotely include progress in allergy and asthma management, medication monitoring, and allergen immunotherapy treatment monitoring. Additionally, the latest product launch focuses on preventative medicine and wellness-related conditions, such as the identification of obstructive sleep apnea, a diet and nutrition assessment, and tools to combat addictions to tobacco and alcohol through behavior change strategies.

“Virtual care and telehealth visits are rapidly advancing as best practices in medicine. The QHSLab platform also provides our physicians with more actionable insights into their patients’ health between office visits, a definite benefit for physicians. health care providers, especially in their bad environment,” concludes Grogan.

For more information about QHSLab, or to be the first to know about product releases, please visit usaqcorp.com.

About USA Equities Corp

USA Equities Corp (OTCQB: USAQ) is a medical device company providing digital healthcare solutions and point-of-care diagnostic testing to primary care physicians. Digital healthcare allows physicians to quickly and efficiently assess their patients’ responses using advanced artificial intelligence algorithms. Digital healthcare can also remotely monitor patient vital signs and assess the effects of prescribed drugs and treatments on patient health through real-time data transferred from patient to physician. USAQ also markets and sells point-of-care rapid response diagnostic tests used in primary care practice. USAQ’s products and services are designed to help physicians improve patient follow-up and medical care while improving their practice revenue.

For more information, visit the company’s website at www.USAQCorp.com

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