Singleton and Weinberg Legislation to establish Prescription Drug Affordability Board advances


Trenton – In an effort to better protect voters from the high costs of prescription drugs, the Senate Committee on Health, Social Services and Seniors today proposed legislation sponsored by Senators Troy Singleton and Loretta Weinberg that would establish the Prescription Drug Affordability Board to Avoid High Prescription Drug Costs. .

The bill, S-1066, would establish a council within the consumer division of the Department of Law and Public Safety. It would consist of five members of the public and three alternate members of the public, who have expertise in health care economics or clinical medicine. An inclusive group of board members should be appointed by the governor, the president of the Senate and the president of the General Assembly.

“Paying for necessary prescription drugs has become a choice of Hobson’s in our state – with patients deciding whether or not to pay for the drugs so they can pay for rent, groceries and other living expenses.” said Sen. Singleton (D-Burlington). “In the richest nation in the world and one of the richest states in America, this is unacceptable and simply unacceptable. The goal of the Prescription Drug Affordability Board is to monitor and prevent drug price increases and to make life-saving prescriptions more accessible. This council will regulate prices and protect the most vulnerable from predatory drug prices, as no one should have to worry about not being able to afford essential drugs. “

“Prescription drug prices have been extremely high, making it almost impossible for some patients to purchase the drugs they need to survive, with or without insurance,” said Senator Weinberg (D-Bergen). “The creation of a board of directors to ensure that residents of NJ, health care providers, licensed pharmacies and other stakeholders in the state health system are protected from the high costs of pharmaceuticals prescription is essential. “

Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York State, and Ohio have passed laws to create drug affordability review boards.

The legislation was released from the committee by a 5-1-2 vote.

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