Tech start-up DeepWell seeks to leverage games as prescription therapy

In recent years, living in the midst of a pandemic has not been ideal for mental health. Working from home and fear of the outside world have caused many people to experience anxiety, isolation, frustration and unhappiness, which tech startup DeepWell aims to correct through an unlikely but entirely motivating method: playing video games.

At first glance, this may seem like a total pipe dream, but DeepWell’s core promise is to build on sanity and self-care through the art of fighting monsters, clearing crops, and jumping on mushrooms. . That’s not entirely far-fetched, considering the accolades and publication of expert Animal Crossing timing, which helped many through some of the worst times in the early days of the pandemic.

Games with cooperative play or connective interactivity like the aforementioned Animal Crossing or Fortnite, allow many to come together and hang out in times of lockdown and working from home. DeepWell only reinforces this view and examines the totality of what video games can realistically do in a therapeutic setting.

Led by Devolver Digital co-founder Mike Wilson and medical technology guru Ryan Douglas, DeepWell Digital Therapeutics (DTx) bills itself as a video game publisher with a primary focus on tackling self-care in an industry largely focused on economic value. The era of consolidation, with Microsoft buying Bethesda and Activision Blizzard or Sony buying Bungie, proves that value is seemingly more important than quality, but DeepWeel offers a different approach.

Its two founders have undergone “months of development,” the press release reads, in an effort to build a brand in the gaming industry that tackles a tricky formula of “reuse of games to amplify their innate therapeutic value”. DeepWell will use so-called “DTx-enabled games” to help those going through the crisis and self-care, which is sure to only get better in the years to come thanks in large part to the still-volatile pandemic.

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Wilson explains it best: “DeepWell brings together entertainment and medical science to build on the proven fact that video games can be good for you and, through global digital distribution, they are an important tool in making the affordable and accessible treatment.”

It’s an interesting concept that, like many varied looks at video games, will take time to develop fully and accurately. It’s not a new formula, as proven by the likes of Twitch streamer and psychiatrist HealthyGamerGG, which also draws on mental health attributes through the help of gaming and, more broadly, the internet. .

While not necessarily focused on therapy as a whole, some might say that Wilson’s previous venture, Devolver Digital, also focused on healthy gaming attributes through indie darlings such as Loop Hero, Death’s Door and Fall Guys. Invented the HBO of video games, Devolver Digital remains an industry staple and attributes a ton of conviction to the burgeoning newcomer that is DeepWell.

“In order to produce games that deliver tangible results, we made engaging gameplay the first principle of DeepWell, because without engagement there is no treatment potential for any therapy,” says Douglas. The co-founder of DeepWell himself developed a multitude of medical technology concepts internationally as CEO of Nextern. More than 20 such devices have been cleared by the FDA under the guise of Douglas.

Obviously, it won’t be just Douglas and Wilson sharing all the limelight. The duo selected some of the best minds in game development, art, and the medical field to help bring their vision to life. The DeepWell team now consists of nearly 40 experts with plans to deliver compelling experiences by 2023.

Wilson adds, “Soon some of the best video games in the world will be recognized for what they are – powerful medicine – and game designers will be shaping a new discipline with the potential to reach the biggest audience on the planet.”

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