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Akasha’s Treasures, located at 1408 Edgefield Street in Killeen, sells all kinds of things such as herbs, herbal teas, bath products, and even spices for everyday use.

“I opened my business in this area in 2006,” said owner Charletha Johns. “The location I have now has been open for eight years and before that I had been doing it for a year and a half on Clear Creek (Road). In fact, I’ve been doing this type of business since the 90s when I lived in Colorado.

Johns said the idea to open the store in the area came from when she was the leader of the family prep group and one of her volunteers asked her how to make candles.

“Her husband actually made websites and I got back into business,” she said. “In my store, we sell 250 herbs, we make over two dozen different herbal teas, it’s like a homeopathic medicine. We don’t tell anyone to stop taking medication, but we have alternatives. My prices range from 10 cents to 1,500 dollars.

Johns said she also sells all-natural oils and a full line of all natural bath products.

“I sell candles and decorative gifts,” she said. “They’re all made here. I also make my own seasonings and since they are fresh they are only on the shelves for a week or two whereas in stores they can be there for years. I grow some of my own herbs here and some are from a supplier in Iowa.

Some of the store’s biggest sellers are herbal medicines, Johns said.

“Graviola Soursop, Moringa and Maca where you can make it into a tea or a food I made,” she said. “We also have herbs like marjoram, thyme and acai.”

Johns said his company currently has five employees in the store.

“We explain our products,” she said, “We don’t practice black magic, we don’t believe in it, and we don’t practice it at all. I also have an online business where I donate to suppliers for their business and ships worldwide. We are open Monday to Friday 10am to 7pm but when it gets darker we will close at 6.30pm on Saturday we are open 10am to 6.30pm and Sunday 11am to 5.30pm ”

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