Woman claims Brookside police stole $5,000 and prescription pills during traffic stop

BROOKSIDE, Ala. (WBRC) – The town of Brookside is facing another lawsuit. A woman accuses the police of stealing her prescription drugs and thousands of dollars.

Last month, at a town hall meeting on the Brookside police controversy, Jeanetta Jones described her encounter with Brookside police. She says that when they arrested her last year, she complied with their orders.

“Then he asked me how can you afford to drive a car like this? I said because God blessed me with it,” Jones said.

Jones was then told to get out of the car. The police searched him with a K-9. After that was over, Jones got back in her car and noticed that she was missing prescription drugs and money.

“They took $5,000 and 120 Percocets from me,” Jones said.

Jones laid all that out in a lawsuit filed this week against Brookside, former police chief Mike Jones and two unnamed officers. Jones says he was prescribed the pills for the pain and the money was used to pay bills and his mortgage.

“My back is torn from the ground up. I got injured in 2010,” Jones said.

“They didn’t give him a receipt. They didn’t arrest her for that. They just took it,” said Roger Appell, Jones’ attorney. “When they left with her money and her prescription drugs, she asked them why are you doing this to us? Why are you doing this to me? And they looked at it and said because we can.

Jones and Appell want Brookside to be held accountable.

“It seemed like nothing more than a shakedown,” Jones said of the traffic stop.

“She had to come back with more money to pay her mortgage payments. The pain and suffering she endured. The angst, but on top of that we want to punish the City of Brookside and the officers who did this so it doesn’t happen again,” Appell said.

Jones was never charged with anything. The lawsuit says Brookside also violated his civil rights. She is asking for monetary damages.

We are still awaiting a response from Brookside, but in previous lawsuits they have told us that they do not comment on ongoing litigation.


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