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Happy sex week everyone! What is that? Didn’t you know it was Sex Week? It’s because we invented it! And here’s why we did it: Despite recent developments in the news, we are living in a golden age of sexual wellness, at least insofar as there are countless brands and products currently helping people of all ages, sexual orientations and body types to experience more fulfilling sexual relationships. Lives. We’ll be highlighting them all week, along with expert advice on how to improve privacy and connectivity in your own bedroom.

Sexual Wellness Market Expected to Grow 3.2 billion by 2025, and within this space are a host of sexual wellness brands revolutionizing the industry with contemporary, accessible and inclusive pleasure products to promote intimacy and overall wellbeing.

But before the recent upheaval in the industry, sex toys and accessories had long been shrouded in shame and secrecy. Part of this, of course, has a lot to do with long-held Puritan beliefs surrounding sex and masturbation. But another important thing is the simple fact that many pleasure devices are outdated, intimidating, and, to be honest, a little tacky.

No shade to the Fleshlights and Rabbit vibrators of the world (two effective products, no doubt) but you can imagine how they could turn off (or frankly scare the bejesus away) the hesitant sex toy.

Beyond aesthetics, the traditional companies that dominated the sexual wellness space until recently didn’t always offer the most inclusive selection of products. Even vibrators and other pleasure devices designed for women were designed largely by men. (Perhaps the invention of ribbed condoms is perhaps the invention of ribbed condoms, and even they only cause irritation.)

But now, there are myriad sexual wellness brands founded by women, BIPOC, and LGBTQ+ people aiming to deliver orgasms for all ages, sexual orientations, and body types. There are lubricants to help make sex more enjoyable for people with pelvic issues, arousal oils to help your partner get in the mood, and sprays to help delay orgasm.

The number of modern and inclusive sexual wellness brands has increased dramatically over the past few years. Below are the 12 you need to know.

The lean: Launched in 2018 by Éva Goicochea, a former health legislative aide and brand strategist, Maude was one of the first brands to put intimacy and inclusivity at the forefront of selling sex products. Maude’s catalog is filled with gender-neutral, gender-neutral, and reasonably priced appliances, lubricants, condoms, and bath/body essentials.

Who is it for : Anyone looking for affordable, no-frills, tastefully designed sexual wellness essentials.

We recommend: The Cone of Maude

Lean: Determined to close the pleasure gap, the female-founded sexual wellness brand was launched in 2014 by sex therapist Alexandra Fine and MIT engineer Janet Lieberman — and the brand broke some boundaries along the way. . Dame’s best-selling wearable vibrator, Eva, was the most crowd-funded sex toy of all time, while her versatile finger vibe holds the title of the first sex toy allowed on Kickstarter. Carefully crafted, Dame’s ergonomic sex toys and accessories are developed to help deepen pleasure and connection, whether solo or with a partner.

Who is it for: People with vulvas or people who have sex with people with vulvas who want more pleasurable and pleasurable sexual experiences.

We recommend : Eva by lady

Lean: A BIPOC-led wellness brand and sex therapist specializing in clean intimacy products, Bloomi uses non-toxic, plant-based formulas for all of its wellness essentials that range from double-sided vibrators and massage oils to pleasure with intimate washes and light lubricants.

Who is it for : Those looking for clean yet effective intimate care.

We recommend: Bloomi Sensual Desire Pleasure Oil

Lean: The CBD sexual wellness brand offers a collection of 100% plant-based and organic hemp-based products for everyday intimacy and well-being. They have been pioneers in their use of CBD for sexual wellness and have been praised for their sex and intimacy products that not only enhance pleasure and excitement, but help relieve tension, pain and anxiety. discomfort, especially for people with pelvic and genital pain.

Who is it for: Anyone who wishes to have sex without pain. (And/or are tired of using sticky drugstore lube.)

We recommend: Foria Intimacy Sex Oil with CBD

Lean: Champ hopes to ease some of those awkward trips to the pharmacy with discreet delivery of condoms and lube right to your door. The brand is inspired by Champ Prophylactics, an old sexual wellness brand that made its debut on shelves in the 1950s. But the modern champion here offers ultra-thin condoms, water-based lubricant and soaps and gentle cleansing wipes in some pretty cool packaging inspired by old school baseball – play ball!

Who is it for : Those who want to maximize pleasure for themselves and their partner while remaining responsible. And guys who still hang those Oxford pennants in their rooms.

We recommend: The starting formation by champion

The lean: When it comes to sex toys, Swedish lifestyle brand Lelo offers some of the most innovative, high-quality (and beautiful) devices on the market. Launched in 2003, Lelo has won numerous awards for its massagers, strokers, couples vibrators and other cutting-edge intimate products.

Who is it for: Those who do not hesitate to pay a high price for high-end pleasure devices.

We recommend: Lelo Tiani 3

The lean: The Los Angeles-based startup offers a line of lubrication products suitable for all types of sex play (solo, vaginal, backdoor) as well as ingenious sex toys and other sexual hygiene products for penis and vagina owners.

Who is it for: Those looking to try something new in the bedroom

We recommend: The Cake x InsideHook Pleasure Kit (obviously)

The lean: The woman-founded, eight-employee company makes some of the most fun and affordable bondage vibrators, lubricants, toys and accessories on the market, created for beginners and experts alike.

Who is it for: Anyone interested in kicking their sex lives up a notch.

We recommend: Unbound attachment

The lean: The telehealth company specializes in treatments for a host of male health issues, including erectile dysfunction, hair loss, herpes and premature ejaculation. Seeking to address common health and sexual health issues facing men, Roman offers virtual consultations with licensed professionals, treatment plans, and medications (with discreet, no-contact delivery).

Who is it for: For those who hate going to the IRL doctor, the Men’s Health Service could make care more accessible, convenient and discreet.

Learn more

The lean: The award-winning British luxury sex toy brand is known for its smart and incredibly flexible vibrators designed for men, women and couples. What’s remarkable about the female-founded company is that it has created pleasure devices to address sexual health issues like dryness and pain during sex and erectile dysfunction. MyteryVibe’s two vibrators achieve multi-zone stimulation, while its first penis product – the Tenuto – is a reinvented cock ring that increases blood flow for longer lasting sex.

Who is it for: Those looking to explore new erogenous zones.

We recommend: MysteryVibe Tenuto 2

The lean: A feminine health and vaginal wellness brand, Cheeky Bonsai makes preventing nightmarish UTIs and treating them extremely convenient. With fun and flirty packaging, the doctor-backed brand offers painkiller supplements, drink mixes to help with urinary tract health, and even UTI test strips that might save you a trip to the doctor.

Who is it for: Anyone who suffers from hellish UTIs or has infection-prone partners, you should keep a few of these products stocked in your medicine cabinet.

We recommend: Cheeky Bonsai UTI Pain Relief

Lean: The fully online telehealth platform specializes in personalized, doctor-approved treatment plans for a variety of sexual health issues. Like Roman, Hims offers consultations and prescriptions for erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, among other disorders and health issues. But they also sell sex toys, lube, condoms and other fun stuff.

Who is it for: Those looking to solve their sexual health concerns with discreet and personalized services and products.

We recommend: Hims Delay Spray for Men

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