3 suits in 1 week

Last week, three doctors faced lawsuits over the prescription of controlled substances.

The three suits:

1. Manchester, Tenn., physician David Florence, DO, has agreed to be permanently banned from prescribing Schedule II and most Schedule III controlled substances. Dr. Florence was accused of prescribing controlled substances without a legitimate medical purpose. He was also accused of failing to properly supervise advanced practitioners.

2. Marc Legris, an Oxford, Connecticut-based doctor, was fined $10,000 for using another doctor’s name and Drug Enforcement Agency registration number to prescribe controlled substances to a parent. The state Board of Medical Examiners also voted unanimously to reprimand Dr. Legris’ medical license. He was also ordered to take an ethics course and practice under supervision.

3. A New York anesthetist has admitted to using his medical license to buy prescription oncology drugs to resell for a profit. While practicing his medical practice in Elmwood, NJ, 53-year-old Jon Paul Dadaian, MD, used his medical license to purchase prescription drugs, primarily biological cold chain infusion drugs.

Dr. Dadaian and two people who owned and operated prescription drug distribution businesses were able to obtain the drugs from authorized distributors of pharmaceutical manufacturers and sell them.

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