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Are Indian brands ready to invest in Martech?

As Indian brands focus on a digital-centric strategy and effective, personalized marketing approaches, they are now more open to investing in Martech technologies, says Ishank Joshi, founder and CEO of Mobavenue Media.

In a LinkedIn chat hosted by, industry experts reflected on whether Indian brands and companies were ready to invest in martech.

Automation is a hot need in today’s digital age, said Sriram Padmanabhan, vice president, marketing, Nissan. “Marketing technologies make this possible. The key is to have a knowledge-driven vision of customers. “

Joshi added that the pandemic has accelerated and boosted the adoption of martech technologies, for example customer data management platforms, automation tools, business intelligence CMS, media management, ORM, CRM. and many other tools that are now considered necessary.

“Almost all brands go through a digital transformation journey to their end, and adopting these solutions is essential to ensure that they can meet the ever-growing needs of their customers. “

For Maddie Amrutkar, Founder and CEO of Glad U Came, martech is widely used by brands and businesses due to its fast speed, better content, better connections and communications, and more.

“It’s great to see that it has been used by all the giants to create micro-brands / businesses,” he says.

Dhiraj Gupta, co-founder of mFilterIt, believes that brands in India have lagged a little behind in this space and need to sharply increase their investments in martech.

“As the world moves towards performance marketing, the world of privacy and programming, the reliance on technology only increases. And brands must be able to use this technology to be more efficient. “

He sees a unique aspect in the Indian context, regionalism. “As brands face a huge and diverse set of demographics, cultural variations and languages, automation and martech technology are not only crucial but almost mandatory for brands in India. “

Abhinav Sahai, Co-Founder and COO, NameNiswey, believes Indian brands and businesses are well aware of these changing marketing dynamics and are optimistic in their adoption of martech.

He added that the pandemic has changed the way consumers communicate, sleep, work, consume content or make purchase calls. Significantly accelerating the need for ultra-fast digitization to better serve their customers.

Abhinav Mohan, vice president of InMobi / Glance, added that while not all marketers may be fully aware of what martech can do, there is growing curiosity about it. He also believes that the pandemic has given an additional boost to digital evolution – with almost all interactions, conversations, explorations and even purchases with consumers online.

ICICI Bank Managing Director Meghna Chettri presented some statistics in relation to the MMA Martech Maturity Report 2021, where 52% of companies plan to continue increasing their martech spending in 2021.

Karan Lakhwani, Business Development Manager (India) at AppTweak, also notes that martech in India has experienced significant growth following the rapid expansion of the digital economy. “This has been further accelerated by the change in consumer behavior due to the global pandemic.”

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