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AURANGABAD: A special narcotics and psychotropic substances cell has made a major arrest in Aurangabad, catching a pharmacist while he was allegedly selling programmed prescription drugs without a prescription to a registered criminal.
Authorities said it was the first case in the region, in which a pharmacist was caught red-handed while selling programmed drugs without a prescription to a suspect registered by the police.
Police Commissioner Nikhil Gupta told TOI: “Our NDPS special cell caught the pharmacist – identified as Shivprasad Changhate – red-handed while selling programmed drugs to Tarasingh Tak, a criminal with a criminal record who was released on bail last week.” He said the third suspect was identified as Mahesh Unawne, who is an employee of a pharmaceutical agency.
Police claimed he was the key person who obtained the scheduled drugs from the agencies and allegedly sold them illegally to the pharmacist. The pharmacist allegedly sold the drugs without a prescription to drug addicts and drug dealers, police said.
The special cell, headed by Deputy Inspector Syed Mohsin, seized 2,048 pills belonging to the category of tranquilizers from the suspects. In addition, 3,712 aphrodisiac tablets, 228 MTP kits and some other items including mobile phones and two-wheelers were seized.
API Syed said: “Upon learning of Tak’s release, we kept tabs on him and discovered that he was sourcing pills misused by drug addicts. A team tracked him for three consecutive days and l ‘found buying items from a particular pharmacy. As a result, a trap was set and Tak was arrested along with the pharmacist.’
Police said preliminary investigation revealed that a tape of programmed drugs seized from the suspect had an MRP of Rs 36 and a tape was allegedly sold without a prescription for Rs 500. Senior officers said police of the city of Aurangabad, along with the food and drug administration, have decided to submit a proposal for the audit of the pharmacy and the pharmaceutical agency.


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