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Described as “one of the worst floods in living history”, cities in Queensland and New South Wales have been ravaged by weeks of massive and catastrophic downpour. As thousands of people are forced from their homes due to devastating floodwater damage, charities, communities and businesses are banding together to help those affected.

There are tons of ways to help, no matter where you are in the country. Although there has been an influx of some food items, bedding and clothing, businesses and individuals in Melbourne and Sydney are still seeking donations of medical supplies, rubber boots, cleaning supplies and some toiletries. You can find more information about Melbourne donations here and Sydney donations here, including drop-off locations and lists of high-priority items.

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As explained in The Guardian, donating to charity or directly to flood-affected communities “is the most practical way to offer immediate flood relief, especially when floodwaters begin to recede”. Australia’s major charities such as the Red Cross, Vinnies and the Salvation Army are coordinating flood relief and emergency disaster relief through online donations. Local recovery committees are also encouraging direct donations to food banks, SES and specific affected families.

After losing almost everything in the Brisbane floods of 2011, writer and academic Nicole George shared her thoughts on what to do and do not do in an article for The conversation. And as damaged cities begin the long and arduous road to recovery, Australian fashion and beauty brands are implementing inventive ways to help these flood-stricken communities. To make sure we’re doing our part – and supporting those doing the same – below are some of the local labels working to support those affected.


Premium maker Buongiornio collaborated with Northern Rivers artist Anjuna Kalleila Hartlieb to create a special charity t-shirt. “When government failed, community spirit prevailed,” it read. “Warm thoughts and sweet hugs.” Working towards a goal of $20,000, all proceeds from the sale of the t-shirt will go directly to communities that have been hard hit by the floods.

Available for pre-order here.


One of the biggest issues with donations right now is finding a dry, secure space to store the massive amounts of items. Contemporary sportswear brand Nagnata offered their Byron Bay storefront to house towels, toiletries, non-perishable food, socks, underwear and bed linen. The team will make daily deliveries to local donation centers.

Find more details here.

Gesture Glasses

Independent eyewear brand Gesture will donate 100% of all proceeds this week to Northern Rivers communities. Get yourself a pair of high quality gradient shades and help make a difference in the lives of those affected.

Shop for a cause here.

Worn magazine

Byron-based Worn Store make high-quality wardrobe and home essentials. With the community at the heart of her business, Worn founders Lia-Belle and Lotte use their platform to raise donations, organize housing and raise money for Rebuild, Norther’s flood relief fundraiser. Rivers. Go to their page for different options on how you can help.

Find more details here.

Reserved for artists

Byron Bay women’s clothing store For Artists Only has teamed up with sustainable homewares and beauty brand Plant and Prosper to collect, sort and package donations to Clovelly. Please note: from today until Wednesday, only medical supplies and vouchers will be accepted. After Wednesday, all other donations (see above) are welcome again.

Find more details here.


Beauty and wellness brand Imbibe collects, packs, sorts and distributes donations at its Byron Bay site. Founder Felicity is also looking for locals to volunteer their time to transport collected goods to evacuation centers.

Find more details here.


After working with Givit during the 2020 bushfires, Australian beauty giant Mecca has pledged to donate $50,000 to the charity for flood relief. If you can afford it, follow his example by making a donation as well.

Find more details here.

Little Company

Working between its Richmond and Byron Bay spaces, health and beauty company Little Company held a huge fundraiser in Collingwood. Working with a number of Melbourne-based individuals and organisations, Little Company organized 38 pallets of medicine, cleaning supplies, toiletries and bedding to be transported to the rivers of the North. Thanks to gift cards, the group also raised just under $10,000.

Find more details here.

thread together

Thread Together is a charity working to close the circle in circular fashion by donating unwanted new clothing to communities in need. If you are a clothing retailer (or know someone who is), you can donate yarn or funds using this form.

Find more details here.

For more ways you can help right now, go here.

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