Battle Warrior Brands partners with YPN Publishing & Media to tackle global addiction issues. Chad Smith and Professor Psalm Ebube

OSHKOSH, WI, March 11, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — “Battle Warrior: Winning the Fight against Addiction and Living a Purposeful Life” offers you practical help in understanding and interacting with loved ones struggling with addictions. It includes obvious ways to transform your life. These solutions to sobriety will take you step by step through the process of dealing with binge drinking, struggles with porn addiction, drug addiction and also give you the tools to help you put an end to the addiction permanently. , even if you tried before and failed. It’s a simple and straightforward plan of action that works. It is one man’s spiritual journey that should be read by those who have friends or family members caught in the web of addiction.

“We are the carriers of the medicine that cures, each of us holds a different medicine, within you is the remedy and the giant within you is greater than the giant called addiction. you are a beautiful light, you must shine. – Teacher. Psalm Ebube

The sooner we act, the more comprehensively we act, the more lives and families will be spared. According to the United Nations, 35 million people worldwide suffer from drug use disorders while only 1 in 7 people receive treatment. Improved research and more accurate data have revealed that the adverse health consequences of drug use are more severe and more widespread than previously thought.

“Battle Warrior is the process of helping someone return to a healthy or healthy physical state, lead a normal life again after being sick or when they have had a drug or alcohol problem. This book is my journey to finding sobriety through my faith, trials, and triumphs. This book provides both education and inspiration to help you transform your past life by changing addictions.—CHAD M. SMITH

You can download “Battle Warrior” here

Addictions affect us all, so we must ACT NOW to prevent more unnecessary deaths!

CHAD M. SMITH is an international sobriety coach, the leading expert in helping others recover, reclaim and reinvent their addiction-free lives. He is the CEO of Battle Warrior Brands. He is a member of Celebration Recovery in Oshkosh. Chad has been clean and sober for many years after battling alcoholism and other addictions. He lives in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

Teacher. Psalm Ebube, Ph.D
YPN Publishing & Media “Africa’s Leading Publishing Company”, associate research professor at the United Graduate College and Seminary International -USA. Consultant and Training Liaison, International Expert at Global Development Consultancy – USA. Professor Psalm has shared the virtual space with world renowned legendary leaders, Les Brown, Brian Tracy, Grant Cardone, Don Green, Clyde Rivers. Psalm Ebube — Co-author and creator of the Stay Alive book series. He lives in Lagos, Nigeria. He is happily married. Visit him at or @Officialpsalmebube.

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