Best and Authentic Spice Brands in India

Masala and spices are important ingredients in Indian cooking, used alone or with other seasonings also believed to raise body temperature in Ayurvedic medicine. Masala is a mixture of spices, mixed with herbs with water, vinegar or other liquids along with other ingredients including nuts, onions or garlic for the best flavors and aromas cuisines of the Indian subcontinent.

1. Everest

Everest is an Indian producer, exporter, manufacturer and distributor of spice blends and ground spices. It is the largest spice company and the most common name in every Indian household. It has an exhaustive range of spices and blends. The head office is based in Mumbai. Around 20 million households use this company’s spices. The brand is accessible in more than 400,000 outlets in 1,000 cities in India.
It also exports to foreign countries, and most supermarkets in the Middle East, United States, Australia, Singapore, France, East Africa and New Zealand carry Everest products. About 3.5 billion Everest packs are sold every year.

2. Capture

It is the second most popular spice brand in India, known for its specific taste and quality. These spices are made in a state-of-the-art factory.
Catch spices acquire their unique and distinctive taste from the method by which they are prepared. These spices are processed using a low-temperature grinding technology that prevents the evaporation of delicate or volatile oils from the spices, thus retaining their original flavor and aroma.
The company is headquartered in Noida. Catch Spices are packaged in premium, food-grade metal-lined cartons and impractical composite boxes that are resistant to temperature fluctuations.

3. MDH Masala

Who does not know the beloved big old man of masala Mahashay Dharmpal Gulati, the face of “asli masale sach sach: MDH”? His father Mahashay Chunnilal Gulati founded the masala business in 1919 in Sialkot, British India, now part of Pakistan’s Punjab region. Being one of the biggest spice manufacturers, this brand has a distinct fan base. “Mahashian Di Hatti masala” or MDH masala purchases the raw materials directly from the production centers to preserve the consistency of flavor and quality. With varieties of 62 blended and pure masala products, they provide options for consumers. These spices are easily available all over India.

4. Ramdev Massala

Ramdev Food Product Pvt Ltd, founded in 1989 by Shri Hasmukhbhai Patel, has grown and evolved from a small business in Ahmedabad to a globally recognized brand of Indian spices. The organization believes in “Reaching the hearts of our customers through their taste buds”. Ramdev masala has succeeded in bringing Indian spices and flavors to millions of homes around the world. They have received all the quality certifications required nationally and internationally. Known for its quality and available locally, Ramdev masala is a must-have brand.

5. Badshah Masala

“Swad sugandh ka raja, Badshah masala” Their slogan actually justifies their flavor. Since 1958, Badshah Masala has been dazzling lovers of exquisite cuisine with the finest, expertly picked spices from all over India. Jhaveri Industries has slowly evolved Badshah Masala into a powerful, world-renowned spice brand from humble beginnings. Through creative research methodologies, new flavors and smells have been constantly developed over the years. Their spice blend formulas are a closely guarded family secret. You can have a restaurant taste at home with Badshah Masala.

6. Rajesh Masala

Rajesh Masala Company is the manufacturer and supplier of all kinds of Indian blended spices. The spice brand has become a symbolic name in UP and one of the leading manufacturers of all kinds of spices in India like Paneer masala, Garam masala and Sabji masala.

7. Priya Massala

Priya Masala company from Hyderabad is part of the Ramoji Group which has been bringing the traditional taste to your kitchen for 38 years. The food company also manufactures Chicken Masala Powder, Hydearabadi Mutton Masala, pickles, instant mixes, ready-to-eat meals and Sambar powder.

8. Patanjali Masala

Patanjali is one of India’s leading consumer goods companies that manufactures minerals, spices and herbal products. Patanjali spices include chaat masala, chhole masala, garam masala, sabzi masala and bandhani hing.

9. Pushp Masala

The Pushp brand is synonymous with flavor and quality, offers a blend of traditional Indian flavors and harmonious health. Pushp Masala products are available without the presence of artificial colors or preservatives.

ten. MTR

MTR Foods company manufactures a wide range of ready-to-eat meals, packaged foods, spices, powder and masala in India. The company is now part of Orkla and offers Parupu Podi, Rasam powder, Puliogare powder and special premium Garam Masala with authentic flavor, taste and aroma.

Here are some of the emerging organic brands from India loved by people across the country and globally

11. Rooted Peepul

Having a vision of putting healthy food at the forefront of the urban lifestyle while caring for people and the planet is the emerging brand in the spice market. Lucknow-based company run by a group of crazy foodies, united by a unique bond. Magic: the Magic of Spices, Flavors and Foods. This company makes 100% pure masalas with no preservatives or colorings. They make fresh masalas with less chilies and more spices. They also have eco-friendly packaging, they have a wide and unique variety of masalas. Their most famous range is Summer friendly having Thandaai masala
Gujarati chaas masala and many more

12. Organic Tattva

Organic Tattva products not only taste better, but are also more nutritious. The fact that these products are chemical free is a winner! Prepare the tastiest and healthiest dishes with these organic products with the vision of the farm to the kitchen. It is also one of the emerging brands certified by India Organic (NPOP), USDA (NOP), Kosher and EU Standards, this brand focuses on health integrity. and the integrity of living systems. They have a wide variety of masalas like Garm masala, Samber masala, Chana masala, etc.

13. ORCO

ORCO (ORganic CONdiments) is a brand for women and by women, making healthy, clean and natural products for the taste palette of health conscious people. Start your journey with hand ground organic spices. Orco champions the idea of ​​”quality, not quantity” and makes a difference by making a hand-cleaned pound and hand-ground natural spices and condiments.
ORCO’s hand-ground organic spices are a true premium over all other machine-made spices due to the manufacturing process that allows the spices to breathe and retain all nutrients, texture, color and aroma required. These spices are free from pesticides and any other dangerous chemicals as they are very carefully purchased from certified farmers who grow them organically/naturally using organic manure. ORCO provides you with a range of Indian spices and lends a hand to many women of the social order in need. Initially we started running the organization with a handful of women and now we are growing with a focus on the future supporting a much larger number of women. We have worked hard towards making 100% handmade spices. We aim to expand our organization and become a helping hand for more and more women who are deprived of sufficient opportunities and at the same time make artisan spices a part of every Indian household.
Approved and certified by Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), European Union (EU), Agricultural and Processed Food Export Development (APFPED), our products are entirely pure and made by hand. and have passed all standards.
This emerging brand offers trustworthy masala varieties like Raita Masala, Fish Masala, Golden Milk Masala, etc.

14. Natural earth organic matter

NatureLand Organics is a food brand that is authentic to its customers by providing only organically grown food products. This company was started by two farmer brothers Ajeet Godara and Arvind Godara in 2002 with the dream of working for the betterment of the farming community and industry. In 2005, the company began to expand its reach to encourage and help farmers obtain organic farming methods. Seeing their endeavors take the road to success, the brothers set foot on land by setting up a business establishment in 2007. They began to get more involved in the B2B, F&L markets. In the year 2015, they took a step further by entering the B2C market and this is how the company gained valuable customers across the country. This brand offers a variety of products but their spices are among the best on the market with a wide range.

15. 24 organic mantras

24 Mantra organic food brands available in India and abroad at over 1500 outlets and their stores. Under our sustainable agriculture initiative, 34,516 farmers are working in 84 agricultural clusters in 12 states of certified organic land across India on 190,610 acres. For 100 farmers, they have a Sresta associate, a partner in the progress of the farmer and the improvement of knowledge. This brand supplies whole spices, they do not grind or refine the spices which maintains the authenticity and freshness of the product, they have a wide range of whole spices like cloves, cardamom, cumin, etc.

16. earthy tales

This is a Rajasthan based brand that started in a backyard in a small town of Pushkar, about 8 years ago by two extremely passionate people, Hari Chand Yadav and Narinder Sondhi, love for agriculture being the common factor and the difficulties encountered this brand is one of the emerging brands in the country. From a closed group of 20 families, they now serve fresh organic produce to over 500 families in Delhi NCR
This brand offers a wide variety of products, but one of the most popular product lines are their spices and chutney powders. They contain bay leaves, black mustard, black pepper, etc., which are loved by all their customers.

17. Conscious food

Conscious Food is certified by ECOCERT which has been the pioneer in India since 1990. Initially aimed at a very small group of believers from a small shop on Malabar Hill, Mumbai, this company is now the trusted brand for organic food and naturals online and across India. Organic food store is recognized by ECOCERT (international body for the inspection and certification of organic, fair trade and good agricultural practices) as an officially certified trading house. They have a wide variety of organic spices and seasonings. Some of the famous masalas and whole spices of this brand are Kitchen King, Biryani Masala, Cardamom Cumin Seeds, etc.

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