Boots becomes the first pharmacy to offer HRT drugs without a prescription


Boots started offering hormone replacement therapy (HRT) without a prescription.

Gina 10 microgram vaginal tablet is a topically acting estrogenic HRT and the only clinically proven non-prescription treatment to target and treat the cause of vaginal atrophy and its associated symptoms after menopause.

The product was reclassified from a prescription drug to a pharmacy drug by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency earlier this year following a request from licensee Novo Nordisk.

It can now be purchased at over 590 Boots stores over the counter and on as a pharmacy drug.

Anne Higgins, Director of Pharmacy at Boots, said: “Boots has been supporting women for over 170 years and today is another milestone in women’s health. As a pharmacy medicine, Gina is more accessible to patients as they no longer need a prescription from their GP. Boots pharmacists are highly trained healthcare professionals and from today our pharmacy teams can offer this treatment to patients after a short walk-in consultation.

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