Brands support Ukraine with packaging design

Much of the world’s attention has focused on Ukraine in recent months as the initial threats of a Russian invasion morphed into the horrifying reality of war.

The reaction of support and solidarity towards the beleaguered country was widespread. As people, agencies and countries have responded with direct support as well as the prayers of millions around the world, brands and others have responded by changing packaging design in creative ways, gathered in this compilation.

We salute Lipton’s color scheme and design for the Russian Tea Canisters.

The British grocery chain Sainsburys has decided to change the name from chicken kyiv to chicken kyiv.

This first aid package displays support.

Whether intentional or not, a similar effect is seen in Buckley’s drugs in the UK.

The packaging design reflects the changes for solidarity.

The packaging supplier has introduced new cup colors.

This series of beer packaging in Ukraine turned into unflattering illustrations for Putin and other world leaders.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is this Praying Coffee Pouch redesign.

A design company presents the work of Ukrainian designers.

That completes the branding ties, but there were other packaging-related examples worth showing off. For example, individuals have found their own muse, such as artfully reusing pizza wrappers for a heartfelt statement.

There is also a popular DIY approach that reflects the personal feelings of the smoker.

A stunning NFT entry to support the people of Ukraine which is called a bottle so we will include that as well.

Suppliers have found ways to help directly by providing the necessary protective packaging supplies to prevent collateral damage to cultural treasures worth preserving.

We will end on a contemplative note.

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