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Consumers want to support the brands that represent them and their values: Deloitte report

Deloitte Global’s 2022 Global Marketing Trends – Thriving through customer centricity report highlights that engagement and customer experience play a critical role for businesses around the world to meet the challenges of today’s volatile markets, changing thus the dynamics of the marketing industry. According to the Deloitte survey, business leaders need to refine their approach to deliver a more holistic experience for their customers, employees and society.

The survey identifies the following trends for companies of the future:

1. Goal – a beacon of growth: Many businesses are redefining their value proposition and how they impact beyond profit through their “goal” as consumers prioritize price and quality in their purchases.

For high-growth brands, the goal not only inspires the delivery of products and services, but also guides employee decision-making and corporate social responsibility investment strategy. The survey indicates that with 79% of people switching to remote work, new talent pools are emerging for companies that were once limited by geographic limitations.

2. Authentically inclusive marketing: Consumers want to support the brands that represent them and their values; High-growth brands more frequently set KPIs for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (KIE) goals than their low-growth competitors.

At the same time, the most dynamic brands are reducing the cultural and demographic distance between the composition of their teams and the markets they aspire to reach.

3. Building the smart creative engine: Due to the pandemic, most of the workforce has switched to remote work. With the increase in the remote workforce, collaboration should be a priority to ensure that these new voices and skills are fully integrated within the organization and that marketers can form groups from diverse sets. of skills, such as data scientists, programmers, graphic designers and creatives, to work. on strategic objectives.

4. Meet the client in a world without cookies: Growth leaders are rethinking customer marketing and data strategy in a rapidly changing digital world. Marketers should seek to strengthen relationships with their partners, such as tech giants and media publishers, to access their walled gardens and corresponding data insights.

5. Design a human first data experience: Consumers are increasingly wary of brands that seem to follow their every move and the line between helpfulness and intrusion when it comes to consumer data is thin. The abundance of customer data available can lead to a paradox within organizations, with marketers looking to use that data to create better customer experiences and information security officers (CISOs) striving to adhere to privacy regulations.

The CMO should work with the CISO to cultivate customer trust through better data practices, designing experiences that create value, provide transparency, and put customers in control of their own data journey.

6. Improve the hybrid experience: Now that brands are more adept at digital delivery, the next challenge is to deliver the best integrated, or hybrid, physical and digital experiences. Companies can elevate their hybrid experiences by expanding choices, incorporating feedback, and investing in the technology infrastructure that can bring these design principles to life.

7. Boost customer service with AI: A dynamic experience for customers means delivering the support and information they need, when, where and how they want it. By designing and deploying an AI strategy that helps brands meet customers when they need them, marketers and customer service managers can create an end-to-end customer experience that seamlessly combines AI and human service – ultimately, to better serve their customers and their bottom lines.

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