Enough of high prescription drug prices

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Congress is considering a bill that would allow Medicare to negotiate lower prescription drug prices. The pharmaceutical industry has lobbied against this because it would affect their profits even if we pay high prices for our prescription drugs. Medicare needs the right to negotiate lower drug prices now. It is time for our voices to be heard and taken into account by Congress.

We need to stop the games we need to play, like joining Walgreens, Walmart, Singlecare, or GoodRX, in order to get better prices.

But thanks to intense lobbying from the pharmaceutical industry, Medicare is currently prohibited from “interfering” in price negotiations between drug manufacturers, pharmacies and drug plans. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, “This provision means that the government cannot have any direct role in negotiating or pricing drugs in Medicare Part D.”

Instead, the limited funds of the older and more vulnerable citizens who supported this country in their early years are going into the coffers of drug makers. Isn’t it time to respect and support older and more vulnerable citizens in their later years?

Enough of high drug prices; enough under-regulated drug makers. It is time for Medicare to negotiate affordable drug prices that are accessible to all Mainers.

Anne Pedreschi


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