Evolution Optiks Unveils Three New Disruptive Health Tech Brands

CHURCH OF CHRIST, Barbados, September 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Evolution Optiks, an R&D powerhouse in light field technology and complex optical systems, is poised to disrupt the digital health industry with the launch of three new health and state-of-the-art wellness focused on eye care, brain health and neuro fitness.

“This is an important milestone for us. We are extremely excited to introduce our first three brands targeting the health technology sector. These new business units allow us to align with our customers and capitalize on our R&D efforts,” says Raul MihaliPresident and CEO of Evolution Optiks.

Andreas KusayPresident and COO, adds, “Light field technology can be used in a wide variety of applications, however, many strategic partners and potential investors are only interested in one particular product area. With our new brand architecture, we will be able to more easily enter into strategic partnerships and attract new capital to help us explore the nearly endless possibilities of this game-changing technology.”

Defined as an eye care brand, Optokare Inc. (www.optokare.com) aims to revolutionize the industry with its first product, a compact, portable and fully digital telephoropter with the unique QuadView™ function that can display multiple prescriptions at once. time. The revolutionary LFR-260, which is currently in the final stages of obtaining FDA approval, will enable practitioners to provide safer and more effective eye care and make eye exams easier and less stressful for the patients.

With its pioneering DeCon diagnostic tool, Neuro Dynamiks Inc. (www.neurodynamiks.com) focuses on screening, recovery and research for mild traumatic brain injury (concussion). The portable, telehealth-ready device can be used anywhere brain injury commonly occurs and a trained practitioner may or may not be physically present. Using state-of-the-art hardware and software, DeCon provides access to dozens of established and new neurological tests based on visual patient input. Concussions have become a significant global health issue and Neuro Dynamiks is committed to solving the problem.

OcuRay Inc. (www.ocuray.com) is a lifestyle and wellness brand for professional and ambitious amateur athletes. The highly anticipated FalconFrames™, a vision-based wearable device, will take physical fitness to the next level with neuro-optical training aimed at improving vision and reaction speed, which are essential for peak sports performance.

John JacobsenVice President Product of Evolution Optiks, comments: “We are on the verge of a breakthrough in the field of digital health. Our technology and patent portfolio take full advantage of the strong intrinsic link between eye movements and brain health and performance; in essence, the eyes are the window to our well-being.”

Founded in 2014, Evolution Optiks Limited brings to market an extensive ongoing portfolio of innovations and is set to revolutionize the way digital information is consumed. The company’s main categories of interest are optometry instruments, neuro-optical screening and training devices and, more broadly, it is exploring solutions based on vision-adaptive, multi-view and field displays. bright, with applications in medicine, consumer solutions, advertising and media, automotive and avionics.

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