EXCLUSIVE: Using Weed to Change the World: Discover Cannabis Brands Making an Impact

Leune: restorative justice at the forefront of WOC-owned brands

Leune is a woman founded, mission driven cannabis brand dedicated to amplifying the voices of equity in the cannabis space. Since its inception, Leune has focused on restorative justice as a core pillar of the brand’s mission.

Leune creates seasonal SKUs throughout the year where all proceeds support long-term partnerships with organizations such as Last Prisoner Project, Eaze Momentum and Broccoli Florette Coalition.

“Social impact is at the heart of LEUNE’s mission. We are a values-driven company and will always prioritize raising awareness of the importance of social justice reform,” LEUNE Founder and CEO Nidhi Lucky Handa told Benzinga. “Working in this industry is a privilege and working for the common purpose of righting the wrongs of how the cannabis plant has historically been used as a tool to incarcerate communities of color is a moral imperative.”

Stone Road: Cannabis brand Queer Run is paving the way for a more inclusive industry


stone road believes that cannabis is nature’s best unifier, bringing people of all walks of life, backgrounds, sexual orientations, ethnicities or religions together. Stone Road is a queer brand and celebrates it with its diverse, inclusive and provocative brand image that particularly resonates with women and LGBTQ+ communities, paving the way for a more inclusive cannabis industry.

“Inclusiveness is integral to who we are. Our goal is for Stone Road to share our products with the cannabis industry through the people who use our products. When you watch our ads, you see real customers and brand friends who want to be a part of what we do because they see their community represented in our creative output,” said Founder and CEO of Stone Road, Lex Corwin.

Cosmic View: Stepping up to find solutions for women’s health


Women, trans men and non-binary people with gynecological organs are five times more likely to feel ignored when sharing concerns about their reproductive health.

Like a survivor of rare reproductive cancer and endometriosis, Nicole Skibola and his mother Christine Skibola, Ph.D. based Cosmic view after experiencing this gender gap in health care firsthand. Cosmic View Offers healthy, holistic options backed by science and free educational resources for those underserved by traditional western medicine.

“We source exclusively from small traditional farmers, dedicate hundreds of pro bono hours to research and patient support, and create products focused on quality and integrity rather than margins and profit maximization. . Implementing a triple bottom line – people, planet and profit – is our way of embedding meaning in our work,” said Dr. Christine Skibola and Nicole Skibola.

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