Gillibrand announces plan to reduce prescription drug prices

Some state lawmakers are pushing back on rising drug costs.

On Friday, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand joined SUNY Upstate medical leaders to share a new bill she hopes to pass by the end of the year.

This includes tackling price spikes, buying cheaper drugs in Canada, and allowing Medicare to negotiate prices.

Gillibrand says that during the pandemic, drug companies raised prices for key drugs for seniors by an average of 5%.

“Prescription drug prices are higher than ever, and most seniors are dependent on prescription drug prices,” Gillibrand said. “Unfortunately, many of them have to choose between taking their medicine and buying food and many people are wondering if they should ration their medicine.”

“The cost of prescription and maintenance medications can be crippling for families, and I am grateful for Senator Gillibrand’s leadership in lowering drug costs in central New York and across the country,” said Sen. State John W. Mannion in a statement. unacceptable for anyone to have to choose between paying for the drugs they need or paying their bills. I am confident that Senator Gillibrand’s legislation will lead to more affordable health care, better access to medicines and better health outcomes for patients.

Gillibrand says the changes could help people save a total of $450 billion over 10 years, which could be reinvested in access to health care.

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