I Tested 10 Grocery Soda Brands, Including Fanta, and Here’s How They Ranked Worst to Best

WITH so many choices, choosing the perfect soda can be a bit overwhelming.

Some stores carry a number of brand names in many different flavors.


Dr Pepper was ranked number one on the list

Never fear – BabbleTop has done the dirty work for you.

BabbleTop is an entertainment website that shares stories and videos on topics they love to chat about.

They feature tons of YouTube videos ranked from worst to best: food items, TV shows, chefs, and tons of other fan requests.

In a recent YouTube video, BabbleTop ranked the 10 best and worst store brand sodas.

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These are the results from worst soda to best.

10. Crush

BabbleTop claims that the original recipe for the soft drink was developed as an orange soda in the early 1900s.

Even though they are best known for their orange flavor, the choices don’t stop there.

Depending on the country and location within that country, the options are seemingly endless.

Some flavors include: Peach, Grapefruit, Strawberry, Watermelon, Pineapple, Grape, and this does not include all of its limited edition flavors.

Crush also makes a Rootbeer and a Cola.

When it comes to flavor choices, Crush is the crutch.

However, the actual taste is what is missing.

Simply put, there are other tastier orange sodas.

9. 7UP

This brand of soda has been around since 1929 and was created by inventor Charles Leiper Grigg.

His company, The Howdy Corporation, was originally called Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime Soda, but was shortened to 7UP Lithiated Lemon Soda.

Then in 1936 changed to 7UP.

Soda actually contained the mood stabilizer lithium citrate until 1948.

The brand comes in many different flavors, but is not a fan favorite.

8. Mountain Dew

A very controversial soda, those who love it or hate it.

Mountain Dew generally has a distinctive taste and differs from other citrus flavored sodas.

The soft drink is unique in that it actually includes a small amount of orange juice.

Although there are different versions of soda, the classic soda contains 55 milligrams of caffeine.

7. Leprechaun

Despite being marketing geniuses, this sweet soda ended up in seventh place.

Created in Germany, but in 1961 the Coca-Cola Company brought it to America to compete with 7UP.

This is another soda that people have strong opinions about.

It’s the classic Coke or Pepsi debate.

Although Sprite contains a lot of sugar, it does not contain caffeine and does not cause you to crash an hour after drinking.

6. Fanta

According to BabbleTop, we can thank WWII for this soda.

Germany was cut off from the United States during the war and meant that Coca-Cola could not get the right ingredients to make products, forcing the company to create something else.

This is where Fanta comes in.

All the ingredients could be found in Germany and became the very popular soft drink in Europe and other parts of the world.

They have many different flavors although its orange flavor seems to be the most popular.

BabbleTop even called it one of the best orange sodas around.

5. Rootbeer from Barq

BabbleTop understands that high-caliber Rootbeer is easier to find than you might think.

Many brands like A&W and MUG offer quality taste, but Barq’s beats them all.

He perfected his recipe and found the right dose of caffeine.

This bubbly find is usually at the top of the list when surveyed.

4. Pepsi

This soft drink is the number two soda in the world.

It was developed in 1893 and was originally called Brad’s drink.

The rival Pepsi and Coke remains strong and debated for decades.

Coke is said to contain more sodium than Pepsi.

Plus, Pepsi is said to taste a lot sweeter – which is usually what people either love or hate.

BabbleTop reminded its viewers that years ago Pepsi launched a taste-testing campaign that generated so much hype. Coke actually changed its formula.

3. Coke

Regardless of the changes to its formula, Coke beat Pepsi in the BabbleTop taste test.

The most popular soda in the world, the product was originally marketed as a medicine.

The company claimed it was a cure for morphine addiction, indigestion, headaches, and even impotence.

Moreover, the initial formula actually contained cocaine.

Although in 1929 it was no longer one of the ingredients.

As mentioned earlier, the formula was changed again in 1985 after Pepsi gained popularity.

But, it didn’t work well, so the company reverted to its original recipe and called it Coca-Cola Classic.

2. Canada Dry Ginger Ale

You may be familiar with this soft drink as it is commonly used to cure stomach ailments.

BabbleTop ranks this second and ranks the soft drink as a more sophisticated and simply better flavor profile.

Even though there are tons of other options for ginger ale, Canada Dry really is the best.

It was created in 1904 and called dry because it was less sweet than many other drinks on the market.

1. Dr Pepper

Taking the top spot is this classic soda.

Although it’s not in as many restaurants or other self-serve fountains, the fans are loyal.

It has a delicious, distinct flavor that has remained unchanged for years.

It wasn’t until 2000 that the company even created a diet version.

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