iHerb house brands launch new products

California Gold Nutrition, Lake Avenue Nutrition and Idealove expand to bring new products to help clients improve their health, happiness and well-being

PASADENA, Calif., May 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — iHerb, a global health and beauty e-commerce leader, is pleased to announce a new line of supplements and self-care items that launched this month. For the past 26 years, iHerb has been dedicated to providing the world’s best selection of quality health and wellness products, at the best prices possible and these new launches continue that mission.

iHerb’s private label collection includes California Gold Nutrition (a premium supplement brand), Lac Avenue Nutrition (wellness supplements for the whole family) and beauty brand, Idealove (skincare designed to improve your skin routine and mood). With value-driven pricing, iHerb is committed to health and wellness accessible to all.

New product launches include:

California Gold Nutrition

  • California Gold Nutrition, immune and respiratory care (30/90 carats) $10$53Help boost your immune response with immune and respiratory care from California Gold Nutrition. Made with a blend of Elderberry and African Geranium, this supplement may provide seasonal immune support. Capsule-in-capsule technology allows for rapid release of liquid in the outer capsule, while the ingredients in the inner shell are protected and released more slowly.
  • California Gold Nutrition Cardio Complex (60/180 carats) $7$30Your cardiovascular system is the powerhouse of your body, it keeps your heart beating and your blood pumping. California Gold Nutrition Cardio Complex can help support the health of this important system with a powerful blend of herbal extracts, antioxidants and amino acids*
  • California Gold Nutrition, Calanus Oil, 500 mg, 90 Fish Gelatin Capsules (30/90 carats) $13$35Calanus Oil from California Gold Nutrition contains natural marine oil which provides important fatty acids and antioxidants. These powerful substances can help protect against oxidative damage and reduce inflammation.*

Lac Avenue Nutrition

  • Lake Avenue Nutrition, Immune Support $12 – Lake Avenue Nutrition Immune Support combines a blend of vitamins, minerals, and beneficial plant and berry extracts in a single liquid supplement that may help support a healthy immune system.*


  • Idealove, Superfood Skin Savior, Lime All Yours $1– This superfood-infused sheet mask uses cooling and clarifying lime to support detoxification for luminous, healthy-looking skin. Made with a silky pulp tissue, the mask helps maximize the absorption of essences for a super (food) radiant complexion!

“We are thrilled with the launch of these new products from iHerb Brands. Our mission from the beginning has been to create quality, innovative health and wellness products that appeal to a diverse group of individuals around the world. We hope to continuously advance our mission by providing premium products, such as these new launches, to meet the needs of our customers.” – Sabrina MarshallSenior Brand Strategist, iHerb House Brands

About iHerb: We are the world’s largest e-commerce retailer dedicated to the Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements or VMS category, with a growing presence in other areas of consumer health and wellness. Trusted by millions in over 185 countries, we offer a curated portfolio of third-party and exclusive branded and innovative products at the best value, delivered directly to our customers. https://www.iherb.com [email protected]

* Disclaimer: Statements made or products sold on this website have not been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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