MediaTechResource (MTR) Facilitates Brands with Digital Customer Experience (CX) Insights

– Helps small and medium-sized businesses, start-ups and owners accelerate growth in the post-pandemic economy.

– MediaValueWorks (MVW), together with MTR and its knowledge partners and marketing ecosystem, aim to influence 500,000 growing businesses with advanced CX skills.

San Francisco – September 19, 2022 – In this rapidly changing world, customer engagement, loyalty and advocacy are no longer driven solely by the products or services offered. Customers, partners and stakeholders are on the lookout to understand what the company and its brand stand for. Businesses of all industries, sizes, and categories around the world are striving to implement precise strategies for effective customer management. Digital customer experience (CX) is the pulse of every business today.

MediaTechResource, a fast-growing Digital Communication agency in partnership with its Knowledge Partners and the Marketing Ecosystem, is deploying the “Global Digital Customer Experience Summit Series“to influence and embrace the customer experience for over 500,000 growing businesses to succeed in the post-pandemic era. Changing audience behavior has disrupted and challenged many traditional best practices across multiple functions critical business, especially marketing.The pace of transformation has led brands and their curators to assess and rebuild technology stacks, add features, and experiment with new tools to better integrate and orchestrate.

Dr Sindhu Bhaskar, Visionary Chairman, EST Global, Investor, Mentor, Cambridge Innovation Center and Keynote Speaker at the upcoming Digital CX Summit, is an industry veteran in designing inclusive solutions for businesses across continents. Dr. Bhaskar says, “The opportunities for managing clients across industry verticals are immense. With deep involvement in key vertical sectors such as banking, healthcare, education and agriculture, as well as enterprise level opportunities, there is a wide range of openings with policy makers, government institutions and non-governmental organizations for start-ups, owners, small and medium-sized businesses, or any innovator who can effectively solve the problem.

Businesses and brands need to formulate a strategy integrating digital tactics into their customer experience to address emerging gaps in organizational workflow, especially where organizations have adopted a remote or hybrid approach.

“Customer experience is an area that requires continuous culture and innovation,” says Dr. Prasun Mishra, Founder of and the American Association for Precision Medicine (AAPM), Silicon Valley, CA. As a keynote speaker at the Digital CX Summit, Dr. Mishra will talk about innovation principles for future businesses.

A frictionless digital journey, personalization and customer-centric communications are key to creating a future-ready customer experience, says Rachana Chowdhary, co-founder of MediaTechResource and founder of MediaValueWorks.

Market and product stagnation is inevitable in most cases. To avoid this, brands need to proactively identify and explore new innovation opportunities for their customers. CX leaders should focus heavily on goal-driven customer engagements to ensure their business practices stay relevant and continue to grow.

The upcoming series of Global Digital CX Summits will feature industry leaders and mentors sharing their wisdom on effectively managing clients in the digital space. The Virtual Global Digital CX Summit Series will influence over 500,000 businesses including start-ups, small and medium enterprises, freelancers, solopreneurs, mompreneurs, digital agencies and affiliate networks in North America North, Europe, Asia, Africa, APAC, India and Southeast Asia.

The summit will focus on four verticals: banking and finance, healthcare, non-profit organizations and technology companies, identified as among the companies most affected by digital growth. The Global Digital CX Summit aims to simplify CX for its attendees, vendors and partners. Attendees can access case studies, videos, press releases and informative communication templates for their audience to benefit from and review their customer communication strategies at the event.

Some of the esteemed Digital-CX Global Summit partners include BranchX, Business Mastermind Advisory, The Smarketers, Apeiron Consultancy, MSME Business Forum India, HyLyt, Metta Social, DAC Investments, InstaaPR, Olive Technohut and more.

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MediaTechResource is a full-service digital marketing and corporate strategic communications agency that leverages digital tactics and combines them with on-the-ground expertise to build real, equal human relationships with clients.

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