Medicare negotiation for prescription drugs

Published: 04/17/2022 07:01:40

Modified: 04/17/2022 07:00:22

Not long ago, a study was done confirming that 1 in 5 granite staters were rationing their prescription medication, taking less than ordered due to its unaffordable price. And there are many stories attesting to the terrible and permanent consequences that some people have suffered because of it. We’ve also all seen the Pharma-sponsored attack ads that misrepresent the results of Medicare negotiations for reduced prices. They are threatened by any action that will interfere with their profits. They claim that the exorbitant cost of research and development makes their price points necessary.

First, their research is largely funded by taxpayers’ money and second, their profit levels run into the billions after all expenses are taken into account. These are excessive prices. New Hampshire has done a good job of passing some prescription drug laws in recent years. That said, at the federal level, we also need to do better. This is where the negotiation of health insurance must be addressed. We would like to see: 1. Medicare Part D cost caps 2. Penalize companies that increase drug prices faster than inflation 3. Cap out-of-pocket expenses for insulin nationwide 4. Allow negotiation of Medicare. We know that families across the country are grappling with drug costs. Please join AARP in challenging our senses. Shaheen and Hassan to support the passage of comprehensive prescription drug reform in the US Senate that has already passed the House. These common sense reforms have been promised for years. Let’s do that !

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