Regional Office on Aging Works to Help Seniors Facing High Prescription Prices


TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) — There has been a lot of backlash over the prescription drug component of the Cut Inflation Act.

Ireatha Hollie, director of medical education at the Regional Office on Aging, said drug prices could be negotiated in 2026.

“The plan will negotiate 10 drug prices in 2026. It’s a step in the right direction, but not enough,” Hollie said.

Hollie has first-hand experience with high prescription prices. “I don’t take too many medications, but my husband does. One of the heart medications he takes costs $500 a month. I can afford it and he needs it. It’s not available generically, so I felt the pressure of rising prescription costs.

Hollie said that even if you’re able to afford your prescriptions with no problem, you should be concerned about the lower prices.

“I may be able to pay for my medication, but if a person a, b and c can’t, I always subsidize that. I always pay. If everyone had access to the medicines they need at an affordable price, we would all be better off,” Hollie said.

The Regional Office on Aging has people trained to help those who cannot afford their medications and they have had excellent results.

“A woman was discharged from the hospital with $4,000 in annual prescription drug costs. By working with her, we were able to reduce that figure to $300. All you have to do is call. We are ready to try to help.

Hollie said the bottom line is if you need help, ask for it.

“It’s not just the cost of the drug. It’s the impact. The pros and cons of what it would mean if most people could get what they need to treat their disease. In the long term, we all benefit from a healthier nation.

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