Retail marijuana products vary from state to state, even from the same brands

Dear Stoner: I’ve had the same Cookies strains in four states, and they’re all wildly different. How is it possible ?

Dear Donahey: Dispensaries carry many of the same strains and brands from state to state, but the similarities often end in the strain name or product label for several reasons: strains vary exponentially depending on the grower and growing environment, and guarantee the same California plant genetics. in New Jersey is still a crime, thanks to federal prohibition. Cannabis companies must go through stages to appear in new states and often must grow or manufacture products in each state in order to maintain primary control.

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There are occasional brands, like 710 Labs, that only expand after securing their own production facilities, but that doesn’t allow for growth at the speed that most capitalists would like to see. To circumvent interstate trafficking laws, cannabis companies typically agree to licensing agreements with other growers, extractors, or edible manufacturers in new states or countries as legalization spreads, with information on the brand and the products supplied in exchange for a royalty or a percentage of the sale. This strategy leads to similar but rarely identical flower, hash, and vape products to the Mothership. Edibles, which rely less on plant genetics, are the only noteworthy dispensary product approaching universal standards across the country.

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