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The Scenic Regional Library — which has branches in Union, New Haven, Pacific, St. Clair, Hermann, Warrenton, Owensville, Wright City and Sullivan — distributes supplies aimed at drug abuse prevention and drug trigger locks. firearms, the library announced in its newsletter.

The library distributes safes so people can secure their medications, medication timer caps that record the last time a medication bottle was opened, medication disposal bags used to safely dispose of unused prescriptions and over-the-counter medications and trigger locks which, when attached to a trigger, prevent a firearm from being fired.

Customers can receive any of these items at their local branch by asking the librarian on duty. These items are designed to prevent theft of prescriptions, children’s access to prescriptions, and accidental firing of firearms.

Megan Maurer, assistant library director, leads the program. She said the idea came from a recent visit to the Roanoke Public Library in Virginia.

“When you’re with other librarians, they talk a lot about the store and the different programs and successes they’ve had,” And that’s one of the things that came out. »

Scenic’s regional library system started with 300 mailboxes, 400 drug disposal bags, 100 timer plugs and 130 trigger locks to distribute, according to Maurer. Of these, it has already distributed 93 post boxes, 33 medicine disposal bags, 25 timer caps and 34 trigger locks, she said.

People who wish to receive these items discreetly can do so by writing what they want on a slip of paper provided by the library and slipping it to a librarian.

There will also be information material for people to take home, including magnets with a map of all safe drug disposal locations in the area.

A total of $5,000 was donated by Foundations for Franklin County, Warren County Alcohol/Drug Reduction Support, Franklin County CRUSH, Mid-Mo Addiction Awareness Group, Franklin County Youth Coalition and HOPE for Franklin County to purchase the supplies, said Maurer.

PreventEd, a St. Louis-based organization that provided educational materials and helped identify which initiatives could do the most good and how to do them, has also partnered with the project, she said.

Local law enforcement is happy to see community organizations working to help address these issues.

“Anything someone is going to provide to keep narcotics out of the wrong people’s hands or keep them safe is always an added bonus and trigger locks are always a smart move,” said Sgt. Detective Steve Sitzes, Public Information Officer for the Washington Police Department. “Anything that disposes of drugs properly or keeps them safe, we’re all for.”

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