Show 1308: Saving Money on Prescription Drugs


On our nationally broadcast radio show this week, we’ll answer your questions live. Our topic is how you can save money on prescription drugs. As with almost everything else, their prices have gone up. First, we speak with the health and medical investigative reporter to consumer reports Lisa Gill on five ways to save on prescription drugs. How many of his tips have you tried?

Five tips to save money on prescription drugs:

In her article for Consumer Reports and her interview with us, Lisa Gill mentioned a number of new entries into the online pharmacy space. In addition to Amazon and, bargain hunters might want to check prices at ScriptCo Pharmacy, Honeybee Health, Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Co., and GeniusRx. Keep in mind that purchasing drugs outside of your insurance plan generally does not count towards the deductible.


GoodRx offers coupons for pharmacies in your area. Comparison prices can be especially helpful when deciding where to buy. While many prices tend to be similar, we were surprised by large price differences between chains.

Discount programs:

Walmart and Walgreens have discount programs. If you need to buy medication regularly, especially if your insurance doesn’t cover it, you might benefit. Your regular pharmacy may also have a discount program worth checking out.

Don’t overlook the possibility of discounts on generic drugs through your insurance. Some plans offer pharmacy discount cards as long as you use participating pharmacies.

Patient Assistance Programs:

Most of the previous ideas work for generic drugs. While around 80% of the prescription drugs we take are generic, brand name drugs can be much more expensive. Some pharmaceutical companies have programs to help people with expensive copayments or even to help low-income patients without insurance. You can find out more at

Join the conversation:

We’d love to hear your stories about saving money on prescription drugs. Send an email to or post on our Facebook page. On Saturday morning (July 16, 2022), you can call us between 7:15 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. EDT: 888-472-3366.

  • How far did you have to go to get affordable prescription drugs? Have you traveled to another country? Where did you go and how did it go?
  • Did you go get a prescription at the pharmacy only to find you couldn’t afford it? What did you do then?
  • Have you bought prescription drugs online? Did it work? How much do you think you saved? And how did you make sure the drug was genuine and not counterfeit?
  • Have you ever used a coupon to buy a prescription medicine? How much did you save?
  • Has your doctor ever had to fight to get your insurance company to reimburse for a drug?
  • Have you considered buying brand name drugs from a legit Canadian online pharmacy? How much did you save?

We would really like to share your story on our live radio show this Saturday morning. You can remain completely anonymous. The easiest way to tell your story is to email: Or call the show live at 888-472-3366 between 7:15 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. You can also ask a question in the comment section below this article. We will do our best to answer them on the radio.

This week’s guest:

Lisa Gill is a health and medical investigative reporter at consumer reports. Her article is: 5 Ways to Save on Prescription Drugs – Consumer Reports.

Listen to the Podcast:

The podcast for this show will be available on Monday, July 18, 2022, after airing on July 16. You can stream the show from this site and download the podcast for free.

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Learn more:

You might be interested in reading our e-guide to saving money on medication. We are making this online resource available to listeners free of charge for the week following our live broadcast.

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