State government to review driving under the influence of prescription THC


The Queensland Government has launched a formal review of drug-impaired driving laws on Queensland roads.

The review will reassess whether prescription cannabis users are allowed to drive under the influence.

The review follows an increase in drug-related driving offenses across the state.

Under Queensland’s current driving laws, a person is not permitted to drive a vehicle under the influence of THC, prescription or otherwise.

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The Department for Transport and Trunk Roads’ chief executive for land transport, safety and regulation, Andrew Mahon, told the Courier Mail that the review will look closely at the complications associated with Queensland drivers using prescription marijuana .

“Medical cannabis and issues presented, such as impacts on law enforcement through roadside drug testing and those who wish to continue driving, will be investigated in part of this review,” he said.

Mr Mahon said the issue was “very complex” because of the psychoactive effects of THC and how it could impair a person’s driving abilities.

While the review will take a closer look at prescription marijuana, it will also look at the state’s current approach to illegal drugs.

The review is expected to be concluded by the end of 2023 and follows numerous calls from the Greens to legalize driving under the influence of prescription THC.

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