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Rejuva Minerals

Central Florida-based beauty movement Rejuva Minerals excels in providing clean cosmetics and beauty tools that contain only the good stuff, sparing our skin from harmful ingredients so we can be our most authentic selves. . Officially introduced in 2006, Rejuva Minerals is the passion project of Brenda Hyre, a veteran in the health and wellness community with a soft spot for transparency. After enduring a tough dose of skin complications, Hyre sought a cleaner alternative to retail mega-names that wouldn’t inflame his existing struggles. Rejuva Minerals has quickly become a reality and one of the select few suppliers that are mostly mica and titanium dioxide free, in addition to being EWG verified. The company devotes much of its energy to solutions for sensitive skin, offering familiar utilities like SPF sunscreen and vegan mascara that enhance our best parts without sacrificing quality or cleanliness. The beauty brand has been featured on Marie Claire, Women’s Health and “The Talk” on CBS. Additionally, their Age Defying Liquid Foundation won them “Best Makeup Product Winner” for the 2021 Dirty Thinker’s Choice Awards. a clean art palette that is driven by authenticity.

Kawaii sweets and dishes

Soury and Patrick Duckson are the husband and wife duo behind Kawaii Treats and Eats, a southwest Florida-based dessert powerhouse. The sweetest thing about Kawaii Treats and Eats is their dedication to food-conscious recipes that taste as good as they feel. All of Kawaii’s baking mixes are sugar-free, gluten-free, grain-free, low-carb, and keto-friendly, resulting in a decadent pantry full of delicious mixes that appeal to all demographics. Soury Duckson is a seasoned baker who went on a keto diet in 2017 but was unhappy with the offerings on the market that simply missed the sweet spot. After much experimentation with Patrick in their kitchen, the duo perfected a batch of recipes that defied all perceptions surrounding “healthy” desserts, even surpassing familiar staples like pumpkin bread, breadcrumb cake with cinnamon and buttermilk pancakes. The secret to Kawaii’s success lies in the kitchen, where Patrick and Soury work around the clock to produce stunning concoctions cooked with love. Their formulas are very versatile and made with the best ingredients available. After all, what you put in is exactly what you get out of it. The Kawaii Treats and Eats community is redefining our understanding of healthy indulgence, and with Soury and Patrick in the lead, we can definitely have our cake, eat it, and feel healthy too. Beginners can enjoy 15% off their first order using the code “high life”.

Jack & Annie

The future demands nothing less than a creative conservation strategy, and in the case of Jack & Annie’s, the answer to many of our global struggles lies in jackfruit. Launched in December 2020, jack & annie’s is the passion project of Harvard Medical graduate Annie Ryu who discovered an untapped market using jackfruit as a meat alternative. After countless visits to India to gain a deeper understanding of jack trees and their formidable endurance, Ryu has harnessed the unparalleled versatility of the meaty jackfruit by recreating some of our favorite dishes like crispy jack nuggets, buffalo jack wings and the jack sausage patties for breakfast. . Based in Boulder, CO, Jack & Annie’s is truly one of a kind in the alternative meat market, pioneering a product that not only remains free of additives and flavor enhancers due to its natural meaty texture, but is also incredibly effective. in the fight against climate change. Jack trees are perennial crops, which means they live longer and require less maintenance than their annual counterparts. Jack trees are also drought, heat, and pest resistant, making them one of the most durable crops in the world. jack & annie’s use of jackfruit helps prevent global food waste and makes plant-based meals more accessible to anyone who wants to try it. This small but mighty force in food innovation has covered a lot of ground in a short time, and if you haven’t been paying attention to the power of plant-based foods like jackfruit, you better start now.

Live Tree Plants

Officially introduced in 2020, Living Tree Botanicals sweeps the CBD market with clarity, consistency, and a fierce dedication to quality across its product line. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, and known locally as “The City in a Forest,” Living Tree Botanicals is rooted in transparency and strives to provide the high consumer with resources that do exactly what they’re supposed to. TO DO. CBD is naturally derived from the hemp plant, and Living Tree Botanicals always prioritizes safe and secure testing in FDA-approved labs for all of their products to ensure consumers receive honest guidance in their daily routines. The company offers a suite of versatile CBD products suitable for any occasion, including topical creams, gummies, oils, and yes, dog treats. Fostering an educational and supportive community by nature is a defining quality of Living Tree Botanicals, where knowledgeable and curious consumers work together to create a better experience for everyone, everywhere. The wellness properties of CBD are just one branch of the Living Tree lifestyle, and as a USDA certified organic offering, Living Tree Botanicals remains the consumer’s choice for athletes, artists, professionals and those who seek a stronger edge at the edge of Success. No matter where you are on your wellness journey, there’s always room to rest on Living Tree Botanicals branches when you need them most.

Active well-being

With a network of 50 fitness and wellness centers nationwide, Active Wellness has made conscious strides towards creating healthier communities since 2014, when co-founders Jill Kinney, Bill McBride and Carey White decided to create a new type of approach to health and well-being through innovation and teamwork. In addition to providing their centers with industry-leading amenities, programs, and best practices, Active recently introduced Active Wellness Center, an extension of the business that seeks to provide a social and inspiring environment where members can take a proactive approach to their health. and well-being. In January of this year, Active partnered with Providence to open 4 integrated wellness facilities that provide an exemplary fitness model for hospital systems and investors, effectively tapping into a new realm for wellness businesses that reach individuals in more than one way. Active Wellness is staffed by industry leaders who have over 30 years of experience running award-winning health clubs, and as such, their fitness resources operate with excellence from top to bottom. The company has been consistently recognized by reputable voices in the market, including the Top 100 Health Clubs of 2021 and Best Medical Fitness. With unprecedented community zest and a dynamic leadership team, Active Wellness and its strong partnerships are changing the way we interact with wellness and take charge of our personal health journeys.

Rocky Mountain Regenerative Medicine

Rocky Mountain Regenerative Medicine is a Colorado-based full-service medical clinic that integrates holistic expertise with cutting-edge regenerative diagnostics and therapies. Focusing on a proactive approach, RMRM not only dives deep into your symptoms and future health, but provides individualized healthcare from highly committed professionals. Founded by Dr. Khoshal Latifzai and Dr. Vassily Eliopoulos in 2017, RMRM combines over 35 years of medical expertise. Dr. Khoshal and Dr. Vassily are proactive by design, specializing in preventing disease and optimizing well-being. RMRM’s philosophy is that the best medical outcomes are rooted in long-term relationships where clients receive highly personalized treatment that is tailored to their individual needs and goals throughout their unique journey. To date, RMRM is the only full-service regenerative clinic dedicated to longevity and optimizing health, with special attention devoted to a tailored experience for each client. Dr. Khoshal and Dr. Vassily excel in providing effective solutions to their clients that result in minimal downtime. Many of Dr. Khoshal’s and Dr. Vassily’s clients have become lifelong friends, thanks to their expertise and commitment to collaborative wellness. RMRM partners with clients who want to live, look and perform better for longer.

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