The Body Shop – Grazia Most Loved Brands 2022

Known for its Community Fair Trade ingredients from around the world, The Body Shop is a sustainable vegetarian beauty brand founded in 1976 by Dame Anita Roddick. The brand ethic has always been profound and therefore influences the products just as much. When the brand was founded over four decades ago, the beauty industry and community had strong ideas about what girls and women should look like. But Roddick (founder) had his own plans. She firmly believed that beauty is the source of a person’s joy, comfort and self-esteem. It was what people liked about them and what made them feel good. So she ventured into a business where her products were more like the daily ritual of self-love than the false promise of slimming and anti-aging that the industry peddled. She wanted to help women be the best version of themselves and on their own terms.

Among its wide range of products, the one currently on our radar is the recently launched Edelweiss range. Many of us know Edelweiss from a song from the classic movie The Sound of Music, but it’s so much more than that. A tender flower widely used in traditional medicine and in the Alpine tradition for its rich antioxidant properties is the star ingredient in The Body Shop’s latest eponymous skincare line. Just like the supple skin of our dreams, its tender petals thrive in the harshest conditions. The use of edelweiss extract and stem cells in the latest range means it has 43% more antioxidant properties than even retinol to protect the skin from indoor and outdoor pollutants. Elevating beauty from the farm to the face, the Edelweiss skincare line is rooted in transparency – organically grown and made with responsible ingredients. Shop the full range which includes Edelweiss Intense Smoothing Day Cream: a moisture-laden day cream, Edelweiss Cleansing Concentrate: a skin-loving facial cleanser, Edelweiss Bouncy Jelly Mist: a luminosity-inducing mist , the Edelweiss Serum Concentrate Sheet Mask: an ultra-hydrating mask, Edelweiss Eye Concentrate: a revitalizing under-eye formula, Edelweiss Liquid Peel: a plumping and smoothing peel and Edelweiss Daily Serum Concentrate: a barrier-enhancing serum.

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