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The ROOT-Brands is a “Best-of-State” health, nutrition and lifestyle company based on nature’s solutions. is 5 star rated, peer reviewed and top 10 rated

ROOT brand products are revolutionary, world-renowned and effectively designed to detox, improve immunity and boost health and well-being.

— Gevers, Scientific Director

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE, USA, Sept. 14, 2022 / — Congratulations to The Root Brands, Clayton Thomas and Dr. Christina Rahm Cook. Their dedication to quality, improving lives through daily positive actions, and their focus on hard work is an inspiration to entrepreneurs everywhere. This honor represents endless hours of loving effort to help others succeed in a business environment that is constantly transforming and reinventing itself with merging challenges. Attention to detail is a priority and the reason for continued fame and acclaim. Compliance with all legal requirements is a commitment made by ROOT from day one.

The Root Brands ( is honored to have partnered with the world-renowned “International Science Nutrition Society” (ISNS) to conduct independent testing and scientific collaborations with scientists, physicians, researchers , hospitals and businesses. , operating in both science and nutrition. The International Science Nutrition Society (ISNS) focuses on research and education in the following critical areas:

– Environment
– Health
– Medicine
– Nutraceuticals
– Pharmaceutical products
– Nutrition
– Biotech, Phytology, Ecology

International Science Nutrition Society (ISNS) is a members-only community, encompassing health professionals, students, mothers, scholars, healthcare providers, scientists and researchers from around the world. There are three levels of membership: Basic, Associate and Professional.

This is important to the founder of the International Science Nutrition Society; Dr Christina Rahm (herself a mother of four) that ISNS offers valuable membership to anyone interested in science and curious about nutrition ( ) . Dr. Rahm says, “Every loving, caring mother and father can be scientists and nutritional experts. They have to be to care for their families. There is nothing that makes individuals more eager to acquire knowledge than trying to help others by improving their health. . ISNS welcomes all who are dedicated to this endeavor of bettering themselves and others.”

This International Science Nutrition Society (ISNS) community was created on the principle that the science behind nutrition is often downgraded to problem solving without addressing the “root cause” of the problem. ISNS is an evidence-based company where science is integrated into all areas of health and wellness. Members have access to the latest research and case studies in these areas. International Science Nutrition Society (ISNS) also offers research and grant opportunities with an extensive library of resources on natural ingredients, minerals, vitamins and herbs.

The Root Brands has partnered with ISNS for case studies, scientific advice, research and education. Root Founder Clayton Thomas says, “I decided to partner with ISNS in order to receive quality third-party testing and scientifically proven case studies performed on our internationally-selling products. Due to the global reach of ISNS, they’ve been able to do a lot of work on products that will benefit consumers around the world.”

The International Science Nutrition Society (ISNS) acquires and shares scientific knowledge and proven data, while providing emotional, mental and spiritual expertise through a refined platform focused on mind, body, spirit and the approach platform of the soul. ISNS is comprised of world-renowned physicians, healthcare professionals, and researchers with extensive experience in the science, nutrition, nutraceutical, and pharmaceutical industries ( us/ ).

ABOUT THE ROOT BRANDS: ROOT was conceived from a specific desire to recreate the path to wellness. Additionally, providing each individual with the knowledge and solutions to address some of the greatest health challenges we face today: a toxic environment, stress, life pressures, and unhappiness, among others. So, ROOT has combined the brightest minds with a philanthropic purpose to create a unique journey to health and happiness for everyone around the world. The founders of ROOT BRANDS have world-class global success in business acumen, health and wellness. ROOT is owned by world renowned international organizations that are among the top leaders in their various industries. The inspiration and core values ​​of ROOT come from the recognition of the different needs of humanity apparent in our world today. The ROOT story has only just begun. ROOT invites you to be part of this story.

ROOT BRANDS have come together to deliver the best premium quality products based on integrity, authenticity, simplicity and education. ROOT leads with fundamental human principles of integrity, honesty, sincere service, trust and truth. “Better lives and better bodies.” As a company, ROOT has a common goal to deliver, exceed expectations, and deliver on the promise of equal opportunity in all areas for its customers and everyone associated with ROOT. As a result, ROOT BRANDS creates fun, life-changing experiences while creating a vibrant and supportive community.

Wellness Root LLC
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Dr. Christina Rahm: Dr. Rahm (AKA: Dr. Christina Rahm Cook) is an experienced “art scientist” and “clinical researcher.” She has traveled the world consulting with international companies in these critical areas: (1) best business practices, (2) the power of natural and healthy ingredients, and (3) the importance of focusing on wellness. staff ( Dr. Rahm’s education includes: undergraduate, master’s, doctoral and post-graduate work in science. Its broad focus includes focused education and enhanced training in the following areas: tissue engineering, counseling, psychology, nano-structures, health rehabilitation, biochemical engineering, nano-technology, bioscience engineering, biomedical product development, nano-biotechnology in more targeted drug delivery.

Dr. Rahm’s continuing education includes advanced study at: Southwest Baptist, Murray State University, University of South Alabama, University of Sarasota, Argosy University, Peri Institute as well as Harvard and Charter. Dr. Rahm is not a doctor (i.e. a doctor), rather the title, Dr. Christina Rahm and/or Dr. Christina Rahm Cook, is her public figure name and relates directly to her efforts dedicated and advanced degrees, in the Sciences (including doctoral and post-doctoral work in various scientific fields).

Dr. Rahm’s pharmaceutical and biotechnology careers consist of leadership positions in the following areas: business and industry consulting, clinical sciences, sales, medical sciences, as well as clinical research. She has worked with companies such as: Pfizer, Bristol Meyer Squibb, UCB, Biogen, Biogen Idec, Janssen / J&J and Alexion. Due to concerns about the unverifiable quality of finished products, Dr. Rahm no longer has confidence in any prior cold-pressed seed nutritional products she helped formulate and/or manufacture, and does not endorse or don’t support them. In addition, again for effective reasons, Dr. Rahm does not endorse, represent, license or sell dilute “aqueous solutions” such as: clinoptilolite water soluble zeolite fragments, water-soluble zeolite and/or dummy products that have “hydrolyzed clinoptilolite fragments” due to well-documented quality control, safety concerns, and lack of actual results.

While Dr. Rahm had previously filed provisional patents in this particular area of ​​toxin removal and detoxification, after reviewing solid scientific findings, she later decided not to pursue any patents due to a lack of confidence in both: (a) Formulations (b) Manufacturing processes and (c) Obviously underdeveloped and unproven technologies. Instead, Dr. Rahm pivoted and developed scientifically superior products using his years of advanced bio-scientific engineering, proven nutraceutical product development, and pharmaceutical-grade registered laboratory protocols (including cGMP: Good current manufacturing practices).

Wellness Root LLC
Wellness Root LLC

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