Walgreen pharmacist sniffs fake cough medicine prescription

In this 2006 file photo, cough syrup is displayed on a store shelf at a drugstore in Edmond, Oklahoma.

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One of the two suspects in an apparent scheme to illegally obtain prescription drugs.

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The second of two suspects who police say attempted to obtain prescription drugs illegally.

Alert Walgreen’s pharmacist sniffed a fake prescription at Dalton, disrupting an apparent ploy to obtain cough medicine containing codeine by following up on details that didn’t match.

Police are looking for two men who gave prescriptions for codeine cough syrup at the Walgreen Pharmacy on West Walnut Avenue in Dalton in November, who listed the name of a doctor in Knoxville, Tennessee.

The first man was able to get his prescription. But when a second man attempted to pass a similar prescription mentioning the same doctor, a pharmacy worker became suspicious.

She asked for ID and said she should check the prescription. The suspect left and the pharmacy clerk called the number on the prescription. She spoke to people claiming to be employees of the doctor’s office, but they were unable to provide any identifying information that would allow the pharmacy to release the drug, and she decided not to run the drug. ‘order, according to a police press release.

The original suspect, who initially managed to get his prescription filled, returned to the store two days later with a copy of the second prescription, but it was refused and the pharmacy turned it over to the police.

The suspects are both white men. Anyone with information on their identity can reach the police at 706-278-9085, ext. 157.

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