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As new diseases emerge and existing diseases mutate, producers face complex decisions about how to make the best decisions for the health of their herds. Recent advances in vaccines offer new opportunities to combat many of the diseases that affect livestock keepers. The USDA Center for Veterinary Biologics (CVB) has issued guidelines for the development and licensing of prescription platform vaccines (RxPP). RxPP vaccines are a new category of vaccines that fills a gap that is not filled by other types of vaccines. RxPP vaccines are designed to fight emerging and rapidly changing diseases.

Will join us as speakers:

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Mike Roof, PhD
chief technology officer
Iowa State Bioscience Initiative

Mike has over 25 years of experience in the animal health industry and is currently the Chief Technology Officer for the State of Iowa Bioscience initiative. He has contributed to USDA and globally licensed vaccines, as well as USDA approval of production platform and prescription platform vaccines.

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Marc Luecke
Medgene Laboratories

Mark Luecke is co-founder and CEO of Medgene Labs, a provider of ImmunologyTM services for leading livestock producers and their veterinarians. Raised on a small farm in South Dakota, Mark has held leadership roles in technology companies large and small, as well as venture capital, private equity, and investment banking.

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Dr Alan Young
chief technology officer
Medgene Laboratories

In 2011, Dr. Young founded Medgene Labs to help bring early stage immunological technologies to market and to develop new vaccines and diagnostic tools for veterinary medicine. Through his work with Medgene Labs, he has focused on the application of rapid vaccine responses as newly regulated through prescription vaccines.


Andy Vance – Moderator
Director, Strategic Accounts
Farm progress


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