Where can I get prescription antiviral COVID pills in Ontario?

More than 1,700 pharmacies in Ontario will dispense the COVID-19 antiviral treatment Paxlovid to patients with a prescription.

The province released the list of participating pharmacies Wednesday morning.

More people became eligible for the antiviral drug this week, including people over the age of 70, people over the age of 60 with fewer than three doses of a vaccine, immunocompromised adults and adults who are not not fully vaccinated and who suffer from an at-risk condition.

Anyone unsure whether they qualify can take a pre-assessment on the Government of Ontario website.

In order to get the antiviral treatment, people must take a COVID-19 test and see either their primary care provider or go to a clinical assessment center. The same groups eligible for antiviral treatment are also eligible for PCR testing at pharmacies and clinics.

The province said antiviral treatment must begin within five days of symptoms in most cases. A complete treatment consists of three tablets, twice a day, for five consecutive days.

Medications can be picked up at a clinical assessment centre, hospital or at one of Ontario’s 1,700 pharmacies.

Here is a list of all participating pharmacies in Ontario:

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