Wivenhoe pensioner’s boots fight over silence over ordinances


A DEDICATED retiree who called a chemist 59 times in one day in an attempt to get life-saving drugs is hoping to make it a 60th chance.

Leslie Mason, 68, fears her partner Tracey Brewster will die if she is deprived of the insulin pens she needs to treat her type 1 diabetes.

The Wivenhoe resident was left “absolutely on edge” as his attempts to get in touch with the town’s chemist Boots were met with radio silence… all 59 of them.

A spokeswoman for Boots told the Gazette the company wants to apologize to patients affected by the disruptions.

Frustrated – Leslie Mason

But Mr Mason, who lives in Stanley Road and does not drive, now plans to drive a mile to the Vine Drive store to confront staff about what is happening – or not happening.

“We don’t even know if the prescription is going to be there,” Mr. Mason said. “My wife is supposed to get texts from Boots to confirm it’s ready, but she never gets them.

“It would be nice to have some kind of communication and it’s bad luck if I get it or not.”

A psychic by trade, Mr Mason says he fears Ms Brewster, 55, could die if she suffered a diabetic episode but did not have an insulin pen to hand.

He added: “If something bad happened and my wife needed these pens, I would hold this chemist responsible.

“I am absolutely boiling and frustrated, but I am especially angry and just ignored. The phone rang and rang and rang, sometimes it’s busy, sometimes it’s not.

Gazette: Resource Issues - Wivenhoe BootsResource Issues – Wivenhoe Boots

“I know they’re understaffed, but it’s very important to us and it could be dangerous.

Boots’ spokeswoman said the situation was improving at her Wivenhoe store following resource issues.

She said: “Like other pharmacies, we are having problems with pharmaceutical resources.

“Our teams are working hard to keep stores open, minimize disruption to customers and provide the best possible service.

“The situation is now improving at our store in Colchester Wivenhoe and we apologize to the patients who have been affected.

“In this case, we will contact the patient to offer him the delivery of drugs to his home.”

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